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Welcome to the Prelude to Prodigies!

Prodigies is a series of over 300 colorful video music lessons for kids! Inside the Prodigies Prelude (below) you can find 12 lessons that will give you a feel for all of our series.

You can follow along using the Solfege Hand Signs, or you can use our free Prodigies Bell App (download links below).

By singing, hand-signing, and playing along with Prodigies, your kids will get lots of meaningful exposure to pitch to help develop their musical ear!

Need an Instrument? Download our Free Prodigies Bells App!

You won’t need an instrument to complete the starter program, but it definitely makes Part 3 a good deal more fun if you do!

We recommend these C Major Deskbells to anyone looking for a beginner instrument!

We also have a free Prodigies Bells App for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

Starter Program Welcome

This 3 part program wil lget your kids singing, hand-signing and finally playing along with some Prodigies Music lessons.

















Get ready to sing, tap and clap with Sweet Beets!

Check out two lessons featuring everyones favorite rhythm song, Sweet Beets.

 Sweet Beets (Preschool)

Year 1 Rhythm Lesson

Download Sheet Music + Worksheets

Download the Video Lesson

Download the mp3

Get ready to hand-sign along with 5 episodes of PsP Melodies!

The Solfege hand signs make singing more engaging, more memorable and easy for kids of all ages. Print out the free poster below and jump into the videos for lots of call and response with Solfege.

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Take a quick look at 300+ more Prodigies Music Lessons in the video tour below!



“I Can’t Get Her Off Here Keyboard”

– Jarrod

“Our House Came Alive with Music”

– Marina

“Fun, Energetic and Engaging”

– Freja’s Mom

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