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Welcome to Prodigies w/ Host & Creator Mr. Rob


Over 550 Interactive, Educational & Accessible Music Lessons for Kids Ages 1-12.

Lifetime includes all parent/teacher guidance, progressions, video downloads & more

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Prodigies Lifetime is our Ultimate Digital Membership. It includes…

  • Lifetime Membership to and all past, present & future Prodigies series
  • Unlocks our Download Hall: Download ALL the Prodigies videos for continued use offline (intended for your sites use only, not for sharing with other schools, families, etc)
  • NEW: 3 Years of Tablet + SmartTV App Access (iOS, tvOS, Roku, Android, Android TV, FireTv) + App Renewals at $30/yr (for years 4, 5, etc) – Built and managed by
  • Never charged again for website access, no matter how many years you use the site or how many upgrades and programs we add
  • Unlimited access to the video & PDF curriculum inside including Playtime Prodigies, Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Holiday Prodigies, Sweet Beets and more!
  • Lifetime Bundle includes Deskbells, Chromatic Bells, Recorder, 8 Workbooks, 6 Songbooks
  • Streaming & Downloadable access to 400+ music lessons and songs
  • NEW TEACH Mode: Weekly Lesson Plans & Playlists for more in depth tracking and use of the curriculum
  • NEW LEARN Videos: Learn the in’s and out’s of using Prodigies for maximum effect
  • Marketing Materials to help you sell the program to your students’ parents or to your friends as an affiliate
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume II
  • PDF access to My Chromatic Songbook
  • PDF access to Holiday Prodigies Songbook
  • PDF access to Preschool Prodigies Workbooks: Chapters 1-8
  • PDF access to Primary Prodigies Workbook: Chapters 1-2 (More coming soon)
  • PDF access to Recorder Prodigies (Squire, Knight, Lord/Lady available – King/Queen Level coming soon)
  • MP3 downloads of Mr. Rob’s two CDs from Nature Jams
  • MP3 downloads of Totigies
  • Customer Support

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How to use Prodigies?

3 Approaches that Work…

Sing, Sign & Play with…


The simplest approach is to pick a playlist and sing, hand-sign & play along.

This is quick, easy and will set your kids up for an extended amount of video-led instruction on the web, iOSApple TVAndroidAndroid TVRoku & fireTV.

Expand with some color-coded songbooks for a bit of screen-free practice.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For a more thorough (yet still simple approach), use the Prodigies Chapter workbooks as your guide.

The workbooks contain simple lesson guides that tell you what materials, videos & concepts you’ll be working with. They also contain the sheet music and activities to go with each section.

By completing the activities and plan outlined in the guide, you’ll reinforce and perfect each concept a bit better before moving onto more difficult lessons.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For the most thorough and step-by-step approach, look to the course progressions inside the TEACH area.

Here you’ll find our suggested progression for combining ALL of the Prodigies videos into a more lengthy and thorough music education.

The lesson plans (Pro & Lifetime plans) & video playlists allow you to easily deliver a comprehensive 45 minute music class.

For our Pro & Lifetime Members, TEACH features additional activities, sheet music & checklists.

The core progression follows the same path as the workbooks, but includes additional videos that introduce, expand, review & reinforce the core lesson.



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67 reviews for LIFETIME Memberships (Payment Plans)

  1. Brandi

    We purchased a set of bells, a workbook and a one year subscription to the playground as part of our homeschool curriculum. I couldn’t be happier, and neither could our 3 little boys! They love the desk bells, and they ask every day to do a lesson with Mr. Rob. Within a few weeks I have seen noticeable improvement in my 7-year-old’s pitch, and he has also become proficient in the hand signs. I am so happy to have discovered PsP!

  2. Mona

    We officially joined the playground about two months ago. Prior to that, when my child was about 26 months, we tried out the free sample and soon they started to catch on and I purchased the bells. They are now, at 32 months, singing and playing several simple melodies along with the videos as well as on their own. My child will even imitate Mr. Rob in between playing the bells. They know and can recognize several chords by solfege, colour, number, and the ABC notation. We also have a keyboard at home that I have labeled with the chromanotes colours, as well as a small child’s organ that I have not labeled, but has numbers over the keys. Yesterday I noticed my child playing Itsy Bitsy spider on the organ. They had noticed the numbers and started playing the melody. Upon request they were also able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the keyboard. It is amazing that this program is teaching children to play music at such a young age when others claim it can not be done. I am definitely sold on the importance of early meaningful exposure to pitch and the lifelong benefits of a music education, so I really appreciate what Mr. Rob and the preschool prodigies team are doing to make learning music fun and practical for my child.

  3. Tracy Jeffrey (verified owner)

    I found PsP via YouTube at the beginning of this school year. I was looking for fun videos to use for teaching rhythm to my K-2 music classes. My students loved the Sweet Beets videos. I purchased my monthly membership and convinced my school to allow me to use the program exclusively. I have upgraded to Lifetime Prodigies. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch my students gain a love and understanding of music! I have also begun using the bells with our Special Needs children, as well. Words do not express the joy I feel watching these students play and look forward to Music Time! I am proud to be a member of PsP!

  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I went through my education foundation in our town to get PsP for my special education classroom. My students started with the program in January and even though we move at our own pace through it the progress is amazing! They have always enjoyed music and it is even therapeutic for some but unfortunately the mainstream class is just to challenging. This program has brought their love of music into my classroom at an appropriate pace, it’s super engaging and they are learning so many skills. All my students have either increased their ability to follow a rhythm or have now learned to keep a rhythm, follow directions, wait to play which is huge and also control their hands. My students look forward to the music period in our schedule and sing the cya later song ALL the time. They were beyond excited to watch and play the hello song for #worktogetherwednesday. It has been life changing to find something so perfect for my students who tend to be left out. I am so grateful to have this program and see the joy it brings to my students! Thank you for creating such amazing resources for a wide range of kiddos.

  5. Nichole Ellis (verified owner)

    We LOVE the PsP videos and our song books! I am so excited for our kids (6, 4, and 1) to be interacting with music in such technical, foundational and super fun ways!! I know the PsP content (and the future content) will be used for years in our home and I am confident our Lifetime membership is money well spent. Thank you Mr. Rob and the PsP team!!

  6. Jenny (verified owner)

    The lifetime membership is a gift that keeps on giving. My kid are 6 & 3 and they both love participating with the videos. I love how organized the program is laid out for you. It has calendars to track practice, a guide to follow, and a fun workbook to teach other skills with the video. My son is not a big fan of workbooks but he loves seeing what page we will do next with preschool prodigies. He asks for more practice each day 🙂 It has helped improve his fine motor skills while he thinks he is just playing fun songs. Thank you preschool prodigies!

  7. Jodi B

    I happened upon Prodigies by accident one day on YouTube. Thanks to that initial free content, I am now a Lifetime Member. I teach music in a K-12 building and was looking for relevant content and PsP is THE BEST. Not only does it enhance my current curriculum, Mr. Rob introduces it in such a user friendly manner that my students were set up for instant success, and that isn’t always the case when it comes to music. I use this in all of my k-4 classroom music and the students LOVE it!

  8. amberlynn

    I originally purchased the lifetime membership for my own preschool child, to enrich his music education. However, I soon discovered there was so much value here that I took it into my elementary classroom. The game quality of the play along tracks is resulting in my fourth grader mastering three note recorder songs quicker than ever before. All my K-5 students enjoy the melody sing-alongs, and there are many tracks I can use as either enrichments or interventions for my younger students.

  9. Cindy Ernst (verified owner)

    I use this in my classroom. I teach general music education to K4 through 8th grades. The kids love it! There’s something for everyone.

  10. Joanna (verified owner)

    Love it!I’m going to use that program in my country, in Poland!

  11. Jeremy (verified owner)

    We have four children 5 years old and younger. I go through Preschool Prodigies exercises a couple of days a week with the older three. I appreciate how the content is entertaining for all of them. The use of colors, numbers, and letters allow for additional reinforcement of other content we are teaching our children. The lifetime membership is great. Knowing that I will be able to repeat the programs as many times as I need with our children has encouraged me to spend time exploring the Playground and learning a lot myself as I prepare for upcoming lessons. I believe it is an extremely great value especially considering that new content is constantly being uploaded and I am not forced to pay more every time this happens.

  12. Kate Lujan (verified owner)

    We love Preschool Prodigies! I am a piano teacher and am so glad that I am able to share my passion for music with my 3 year old son. I originally was not planning on teaching my son music until he was 6. However, with Preschool Prodigies, he is now able to play and enjoy music with me.

  13. Shannon Wolf

    I am so happy with Preschool Prodigies! I’m thrifty and have zero regrets investing in the Lifetime Membership. My 2 year old and 5 year old love music and I love watching their brains grow. Confession: I’ve used the membership to read music and learn to play the piano by myself as an adult. I am so proud of myself and the love of learning I’m instilling in my children. Worth. Every. Penny.

  14. Yvonne Game

    I purchased Prodigies Lifetime to use in the classroom with my students and it has been the best investment ever, in the line of “music resources” that are available. My students absolutely love the lessons as Mr Rob sets things out so clearly and in a fun way! I’ve tried to teach my students about note values, rests, beat and rhythm, but Mr Rob knows how to present it in clear, short videos that engage my students. The lessons and songs are child friendly and easy for the students to follow and play along with. Being able to download the videos and resources with my membership allows me to have lessons ready to go without having to worry about whether the internet is working or not! Being able to use the lessons with Boomwhackers, Deskbells or whatever tuned instrument I have on hand allows a lot of flexibility and variety in my lessons. Thank you Mr Rob for making music fun 🙂


    Just yesterday I had a whole class of first graders say, “music is my favorite class! ” and it is all because of the Prodigies program. The kids absolutely love interacting with the videos and i am having less behavior issues to deal with. I was a middle school band director before becoming an elementary music teacher so i have been nervous and hesitant to let the little ones use instruments, but note even kindergartners are playing asking on the xylophones and i dont have to worry because Mr Rob leads while i am able to monitor and help students individually. It’s like having a teacher assistant in the music room. A personal favorite for me is that there are lesson plans clearly written so if I’m busy with Masters homework i know i have a plan written as well as if i have a non musician substitute they are able to follow the plan! Love it.

  16. Sally Smith

    I love the lifetime membership with Preschool Prodigies. We have had the membership since they became available. I got it mostly for my younger daughter who was 4 at the time. She has enjoyed playing along with the bells and has now started the Primary Prodigies component. She loves the worksheets and often does them more than once. There have been times when we have gone for months without even looking at the program and I love that with the lifetime membership we can come back when it fits into our lives – I think if it had been a subscription I probably would not have renewed after not using it for a while. My older daughter (9) has recently started Recorder Prodigies and is enjoying being able to play songs – Hot Cross Buns great for Easter. The program offers so much variety and teaches lots of concepts in a fun and gradual way.

  17. Nikia (verified owner)

    I purchased Preschool Prodigies Lifetime for my preschool program, and the little people absolutely love Mr. Rob and the whole program all together. I use it for little people as young as 18 months, of course they aren’t able to follow completely, but they are having fun and learning quite a bit. This program is a must have for anyone who knows the importance and the many benefits that come about throughout life from learning to play instruments and read music. Preschool Prodigies is the PERFECT music program for children, but in all honesty I can see it being a great program for parents/caregivers, who aren’t musically inclined, to learn music as well. I purchased the lifetime membership because I love the fact that o can download material and not have to rely on the internet, which can be extremely unreliable. The little people are having so much fun with a Preschool Prodigies that they request it daily, and begin chanting “Mr. Bob…Mr. Rob…” in order to start their music fun for the day.. This program is absolutely magnificent. I wish it was available while I was learning to play music as a young child!

  18. Kristin & Lena

    We are very grateful for the lifetime membership! It came to us before our daughter, now 3, physically began to use it. Now she is officially on the PSP train or playground, rather! The overall flow and user friendly feel of the website is definitely created for both parent and child alike. Find the option to stream the videos in various low to high resolutions helpful depending upon the location of use or the fact that they can be downloaded with this membership is valued. Finding little gems hidden away in the resources tab like the bell set up mat and practice calendar and the workbooks, as well….for my daughter, it’s these extras that reinforce thus keeping her going back for more. The curriculum itself is made to speak to a wide variety of learner types. Love how the program’s intention is that the young music learner will be able to transition to piano or the like…..for now lovin’ the super durable, toddler proof desk bells! Save your money and skip all those wanna-be, horrible sounding kids “instruments” and invest in a membership that will materialize to actual music to the ear 😉

  19. Cindy Ernst (verified owner)

    I purchased the lifetime program because I teach Preschool through 8th grade general music education. I’m glad it’s been expanded to primary prodigies. The students love singing the solfege notes with the hand signs, the body percussion with beets and cherries, the bells and the boomwhackers. They are fascinated with Mr Rob and love interacting with the videos.

  20. Gillian Greco (verified owner)

    THE BEST investment I’ve made since I began teaching. I wish this was around when I first began teaching general music. I have been able to use it with Pre-K, Kindergarten, and grades 1-4. The amount of resources available, and how often they add resources, make the price worth its weight in gold. My kids are using hand signs, singing, and playing on instruments. We love Mr. Rob!

  21. Jodi Bennett

    I have been a public school music educator for 21 years, and have never encountered a better program than Preschool Prodigies! I was always resorting to creating my own general music curriculum picking bits and pieces of concepts and ideas from numerous resources, and it was never quite enough to keep my students actively engaged in the music making process, and with the guided video lessons, I can observe and help students during lessons while the rest of the class continues along with Mr. Rob. With PsP, I have all of the most needed musical concepts (pitch, rhythm, demonstration & creation) all in one very cost-effective program. Most schools spend tens of thousands on music curriculum series that are outdated in a few years. PsP is fun, colorful, relevant, and best of all, my students love it! I have used the program with all the ages I teach K-12…you’d be surprised how much my high school choir students even love doing this. Psp is worth the investment for any school music program! Thanks to Mr. Rob and family for creating and sharing such an innovative program!! Jodi Bennett, K-12 Vocal and Classroom Music, St. Clair Public School, MN

  22. Jody Nave

    The Lifetime membership was definitely the way to go for my classroom. I love how new materials are added almost weekly. My kids sight reading skills are improving and my recorder kids are doing amazing. My preschools are so cute learning new songs on the piano and composing their own tunes.
    It was well worth the cost of the membership!

  23. Kimberly

    I use this in my classroom for multiple grades and we LOVE it! The kids cannot wait to see the videos and the curriculum that comes with it helps reinforce everything we are learning. This is worth EVERY penny!

  24. Amy

    I teach K-5 music and the students love the videos. It works great as a music center or whole group activity. I love that Mr. Rob can lead the students as I circulate and provide more one-on-one assistance. The Recorder Prodigies has been so helpful with my older students and the younger ones love singing, playing boomwhackers and xylophones to songs. I am really excited for the Piano Prodigies series to come out.

  25. sam

    We purchased the Lifetime membership from Preschool Prodigies and started using it with our daughter on March 24 2018. She was 2 years and 5 months old at the time. We were having snack time on May 1 2018 when my wife’s brand new smartphone received a message and gave a bell tone that none of us had heard before. Immediately my daughters eyes lit up and she said “That sounds like High C.” She walked over to her High C bell and played it. The tone matched exactly. Within 5 weeks of using Preschool Prodigies we were already seeing the beginnings of perfect pitch! We hope this is a sign of things to come. We have fun with PsP almost every day and we recommend it to all of our friends and family. Now that I see that the Lifetime option is going away, I am so happy that we found this when we did. All of the materials are worth every penny but the Lifetime membership is a tremendous value. Get it while you still can!

  26. Greg

    Outstanding curriculum! Has served our school well for over a year, and with the growth on offer I foresee it becoming a major part of our musical future. Top class service and support, and a universal success amongst all of our children!

  27. Annette

    I enjoyed having music prodigies last year. The kids really responded well to it. I have the lifetime membership now and look forward to being able to use it even more. The biggest hit for my kids was the sweet Beets.

  28. Jody Nave

    I was so passionate about ordering this program for my school, that I finally received the funding 2 years ago. Two years later, a family donated money to get my bells.. I teach 3 year olds- 4th grade General Music and 5-8 Vocal Music. Prodigies covers everything that I have taught in the past 30 years in the way that I have always taught music. My students skill have increase dramatically with this program. The recorder program is great for my 4th graders and I have adapted it for my Pre K piano students. I look forward to you Uke program and the new materials for this year!

  29. DONNA

    I am a piano and Orff specialist, who focuses on ages 3-10. Prodigies music is the best listening and theory component for my youngest students that I have found, and they progress much faster on their musical skills because it is a very easy way for parents to support home practice. And even my older kids enjoy the videos, even if they pretend to be too sophisticated to enjoy them (there is nothing like hearing a 15 yr old sight singing with a 5 year old) The workbook pages are a big plus, too, as is the sheet music, The lifetime membership has been one of the best investments I have made for my studio.

  30. Tara

    We love Prodigies Lifetime for our homeschool! It gives us access to all of the resources and the freedom to go at our own pace without feeling the pressure of a monthly membership. I love that I can use it for more than one kid. The cost was less than putting more than one kid in lessons for a year, and we can use this for as long as we like! They’re always adding content, so I don’t see it losing its value any time soon.

  31. Amber

    Purchased for use during at home preschool for my children and several others that I watch on a routine basis. My oldest (3.5) has been using this program for just over a year and LOVES it. Engaging and educational. Mr. Rob and team are always putting out new content updates and their customer service is top notch. We highly recommend this for anyone looking for a long term music education course.

  32. Karen Amberson (verified owner)

    I love Prodigies and so do my preschool students! Parents are pleased with the depth of musical information their kids already know before they turn six! Not only is it fun, but it builds confidence too. What a high quality program!

  33. Sherry

    I am so grateful to have Prodigies Lifetime! I have always considered myself to be “unmusical “, but now I can teach my children music! They are gaining musical knowledge and ability faster than their friends who are taking professional lessons. My 5 year old can read music and loves her bells. My 9 year old is also begging me to add the recorder to her music time. I also like that, with the lifetime membership, we can take time off when we need to and it will still be there when we are ready to start up again. I plan to use this in my 1st and 2nd grade classroom also.

  34. Karyn

    We’ve had a lifetime subscription to Prodigies for over three years and it had continued to meet our child’s needs the entire time. I learned more from it myself than I did from piano lessons as a child just by hearing it as my daughter is watching it. It is a rare blend of accurate, complex information delivered in a simple, light-hearted, fun way. I think it is the best resource available for online music education.

  35. Katie

    Prodigies has been one of my absolute favorite companies for the last year. As a pediatric therapist, I use Prodigies as a modality in my treatment sessions, as well as teach adaptive music on the side using this incredible program! It has been lifechanging for me! Thank you, Rob, Sam, Lil, Michael, Mandy, and Boo!

  36. Nicol

    I’m not a music educator or even a musician. I’ve picked up enough music theory from my older children as I have helped them practice the piano over the last eight years. While my older children have been successful using traditional music methods, I was excited when I found Prodigies Music for my younger children. My children love music time and I have seen them flourish, often grasping musical concept longer before their older siblings did. I love that it very hands on, meeting the needs of different learners. They not only play the instruments, but see the rolling beats/notes, sign the notes using solfege, and sing along with the fun songs. After the videos, the worksheets are a great way to check what they know. While this program has been great for my younger children, my older children enough exploring the recorder lessons and look forward to the upcoming ukulele lessons. I love that this program will continue to grow with my children! It certainly is not something we’ll use for one year but for many years to come!

  37. Christine Jones

    I love Prodigies! I use it in my K-5th grade music classroom and all my students love it. I am super excited about the addition of the ukulele curriculum. Every time I see Rob at convention, he is just as enthusiastic in person as he is on the videos. I love that he personally answers my emails. You will not be sorry to become a lifetime member of Prodigies! Rob and his team are constantly adding to the program and the music is so good! If you are on the fence about signing up, tip yourself into the yes category! Do it today!

  38. Kimberly Jorge

    I purchased a lifetime membership for my 4 year old and one year old. I’m very picky about the screen time they’re allowed but I never feel guilty about turning Preschool Prodigies on. My almost 2 year old tries to sing along with her “do rey mi”s while my son plays along on his bells. I love that the lifetime membership never expires because life gets in the way sometimes and we go a week or two between lessons but I never feel like my money is flying out the window like I would with a monthly subscription

  39. Jolene Gross

    We bought the lifetime bundle and bells for our homeschool curriculum a couple years ago. My kids now ages 5 and 7 are still loving it, I love how the program keeps growing with my kids and how they keep adding more instrument options. Perfect for when my kids are ready to try out a new instrument. I will find them playing the bells during play time or even out on the drive way trying to sing and play for money.

  40. Po

    We love Lifetime Prodigies for our 2 year old daughter! Since she is a little younger, she is going at a slower pace, so the lifetime membership is perfect for her. She can take all the time she needs. The most important thing is she is enjoying it so much! We do a few video together after daddy come home from work, so it also serves as a family activity and quality bonding time ! This is such a great program, kids are going to love it and benefit from it. My suggestion is start young and get the lifetime membership, not only it has great value but also gives you incentive to stick with the program, you can use it for other kids too, and they keep adding new content, I think it’s worth every penny.

  41. Rachel Marcum

    We just bought the lifetime bundle for our 4 year old. She loves the videos and is learning very quickly how to do the hand signs and tap out rhythms. We’re excited to start with the bells soon! She LOVES music and we’re excited to have her learn early.

  42. amynero

    We’ve only been using the program for a week, but my almost three-year-old LOVES the videos and talks about her friends the bells all day long.

  43. Nikia Smith (verified owner)

    There is so much to say about this entire program! Every part of the Prodigies Program is a treasure. I have a PlaySchool with children who range from 10 months-5 years of age and each one of them absolutely love Prodigies. It’s exciting to hear them request and chant Mr. Rob, ask for boomwhackers to sing Sweet Beets, to hear them keeping beat, making up their own songs, playing their bells , etc etc etc. I tell you I can go on and on and on. They are having fun while really learning to play and appreciate music. A few of them ages 3-5 have started playing the keyboard on their own just by really engaging with the program. This is one of those programs like, where have you been all my life. I know for a fact that I would have really gotten into music a lot more if I had a program like this when I was younger. Mr. Rob, Mrs. Sam, and the others REALLY know how to engage and teach children, who am I kidding here, they really know how to teach adults as well. This program is geared towards the children but it can definitely benefit any age group. I wouldn’t second guess this program, because not getting it is really doing the children in your life an injustice. The ability to Play and compose music and learn it all with much fun and ease through this program makes the Lifetime program worth more than money. This is something that pays for itself in more ways than one. Why are you still reading this?? Just get it!!!! We love Prodigies!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Glynis

    Prodigies has been a wonderful compliment to my K-3 music classroom. It allows the children to organically transfer what they sing to notation or to an instrument . The kids love the many choices of songs. Baby Shark was a home run! Thank you for providing a tool that is PERFECT!

  45. Keicia

    We’ve got the lifetime membership for my daughter. So far she’s just in the beginning bells stage – and she loves playing them and singing with sweet beats! She has greatly enjoyed playing songs she knows on her bells. And I’m looking forward to being able to expand her musical experience with the recorder and other instruments as she get older.

  46. Mayita (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be more happy I’ve been using Prodigies in my group classes as well with my piano students in their initiation stage, the program you have is amazing! The kids love it and I have more students in my studio since I use your materials Thank you Mr. Rob! Greetings from Mexico!

  47. Jeninak

    I’ve been a prodigies lifetime member for about two years. My kids range from 11-1 and they all love the program. I also teach a free community preschool music class and even with sporadic attendance and newborns to 5 year olds ‘Mr. Robs’ lessons are the highlight of class. And he adds so much new content every year. I’m so glad I got he lifetime membership!

  48. raeannebates

    I could tell before we bought that it would be a quality program, I can’t wait to dive deep into it once the books arrive. My two-year old and ten-month old thoroughly enjoy the music and the bells. My boys already love music and I am hoping they will pick up on the essential music skills taught in this course. Right now they mostly just listen, study and have fun. I’m making this program a staple in our home and I can’t wait to see my kids excel as they pick up on the concepts. It is a wonderful addition to our Montessori homeschool method of teaching. Now I have to keep up as I watch my little prodigies develop their love of music.

  49. Hannah

    The more I use this curriculum, the more I love it! I began using prodigies about a year and a half ago. I started with a Prodigies Go membership, but then saw the value of the curriculum and updated to a Lifetime membership. I really love that now I have access to the Teach resources and all of the workbooks digitally. I am a certified music teacher and I use this curriculum both in my school music classes and my private piano classes. Here is one success story:
    One of my students has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It had gotten to the point where he had mastered all the material so far from the curriculum we were using, but he just could not learn to read the notes on the staff. So I decided to try the Prodigies curriculum, using the chroma-notes colors to help him read the music. He went from not being able to read at all, to breezing right through the music so long as it is colored. Thank you Prodigies!

  50. Amberlynn Lane

    I’ve reviewed before but it’s been long enough that it’s time to come back and say Lifetime membership just KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Mr. Rob and staff are continually improving the product. As a small company they listen and respond to feedback. The best result of all, though, is how much my students love it.

  51. Courtney (verified owner)

    As a piano teacher and homeschooler, I had a hard time imagining how I could teach yet another subject to my children. Prodigies music lessons allows them to learn and practice a lot more independently, and they are even learning ear training that I didn’t get until college as a music major. I am so excited about the chordal theory that will allow them to understand music at a deeper level from such a young age and I love the family jam sessions we have together. My kids are 7, 5 and 1 and we have been using prodigies music lessons for about 2 years now. I have also taught group lessons in my studio using the curriculum and my kids have loved learning with their peers.

  52. Emily

    I can’t recommend this program enough!
    I was frustrated at the lack of music education in our town (we don’t even have a single children’s choir!) and was thrilled to stumble across this page on Facebook. After just a few videos, I knew it was something I wanted to invest in. The organization of the program is brilliant, and the videos are FUN and effective. The kids love to see Mr Rob and Ms Sam, and they have learned an insane amount about music. They look forward to the videos every day. The worksheets help reinforce the concepts. I can’t wait for them to get into recorder and ukulele, and then eventually piano.
    I am also going to use the TEACH section of the program to teach a class at my homeschool co-op this fall – they have laid everything out in that section beautifully, and that increases my confidence in this company even more. The lifetime membership was WORTH IT! <3 Thank you so much!

  53. daniellemitchell (verified owner)

    I am so exited to find a program that allows children to learn independently! And it’s so thorough and fun. If you have a kid that loves music already, this program is literally all they need to sore!

  54. Victor Mendez

    I was looking into music education for my 10 month-old daughter, and this program is simply AWESOME!!!

    My baby is singing “do,” banging her bells, and trying to keep rhythm with the “beets” song, and it’s only been a month since we started our lifetime membership. I was impressed when she started playing her bells as I was playing the guitar for her!!

    My baby, my wife, and I are having a great time learning music together.

    Fantastic music education at a great price!!!

  55. Sally Morris (verified owner)

    I purchased a lifetime subscription two years ago and could not be happier – the content has continued to grow and as a teacher this has meant I could keep on using it with older students and now younger students are even better supported. There are 200 students as my school who have the ability to pitch, sight read on the staff and understand rhythm and this will be an enduring cognitive gift for them for life – long after they had their last lesson with me.

  56. Delia

    After 2 years of using this program, I finally took the plunge and purchased the Lifetime membership. I wish I had done it sooner! As a homeschool mom of 4 and a violinist, I wanted my children to experience a fun, engaging, and fruitful music program. I’ve definitely found it! There is content appropriate for many age levels, it involves no effort on my part (though I love jumping in too), AND there is more to come! It will grow with my children for many more years.

  57. Annamarie

    I have been using the PsP playground as a Lifetime membership subscriber since 2016 and am so happy with the ever-expanding curriculum content and child friendly presentation! What a wonderful tool to use in kids development of musical literacy and overall brain development.

    Kleuter-Klokkies, South Africa

  58. CassiusClayRae

    Whether you grew up playing music or not, Preschool Prodigies (PP) is worth the investment. It was my dream to teach basic piano lessons before turning them to an expert—my naivety lead me to a realization on how kids tune out Mom and how limited my toolbox was. A YouTube search for music lessons lead me to Preschool Prodigies. Just from the free lessons, my kids (4 and 2 at the time) loved and gained many basics and an interest to playing music. Many techniques and games are used, so one is sure to capture the heart of your child. As time passed, I started subscribing and investing more into the subscriptions and instruments until I landed on the lifetime. If I knew what I know now, I would have started with this! My kids are 5 and 3 now, and their enjoyment for music has grown.

    Music is a beautiful media. I invested in this not expecting my kids to be Mozart, but to give them a tool for expression and stress relief, and to be able to bring people together and to play along with Grandpa on his guitar. Strengthen relationships and enrich the spirit—teach your child music. 🙂

    Let Preschool Prodigies give your children the foundation, and you can encourage and involve them as far as you like.

  59. Elizabeth Lund

    I started using Preschool Prodigies in my music classes K-4, and purchased a class set of bells. It has been so beneficial to learning the notes and live that everything is color co-ordinated the same as the boomwackers. Excellent program and highly recommend!

  60. Chantelle

    I work with preschoolers who have special needs and we stumbled across Mr. Rob and the Sweet Beets videos a few years ago quite by accident. I purchased the bells that Christmas after realising there was a whole world of music available. When I saw how much my class then enjoyed playing them, I knew i had to get the lifetime program. To put it in perspective, these were children with severe behavioural needs who were in school for the first time. They would sit and patiently wait their turn like older children in a GE classroom just to TOUCH the bells. I don’t know if it was the sounds or the colours, but you could hear a pin drop when the bells came out. Music wasn’t just about movement anymore, and was educational to boot.

    My class is very different this year, and needs more educational support, but the Prodigies Program still works for them. We haven’t been able to move on to songs, but they enjoy the exercises, and there’s enough repetition in the ‘games’ that they eventually figure out answers and have the satisfaction of being correct.

  61. Amina Levy (verified owner)

    My family has had a lifetime membership of Preschool Prodigies since late spring of 2017 when my three girls were 2, 4, and 6. It taught them rhythm, chords, and sound recognition. Now, two years later, my daughters all play the violin and piano at ages 4, 6, and 8, Their instructors are always so impressed by their ability to tell when the instrument needs to be tuned and their ability to notice rhythm changes. We now have a 2 year old son who loves Prodigies as well and his rhythm is phenomenal. When I need to get something done, I put Prodigies on for him which allows me to enrich him musically while I work on enriching his tummy ;). This has been one of my best “school” purchases and my only regret is not using it more!

  62. Mark

    Top notch program. Just attended our district general music teachers’ meeting today and spread the news about this wonderful resource. I use it more than our own adopted music series. We’ve purchased the Lifetime bundle and I know it’s been the best investment for our program to date. Engaging, visually and aurally stimulating, soundly based, and it’s authors are continually improving and adding videos to expand the curriculum. Looking forward to another year exploring the endless opportunities Prodigies offers to build our students into great independent musicians.

  63. Tricia

    I am a Lifetime Member and appreciate the thoughtfulness of Prodigies for offering it as a Lifetime package. If you need to do the installment plans it is well worth the money to invest in Prodigies. It is such a versatile program for everyone, from Classrooms to individual Families. I personally have used it for both. As a music teacher, I use it daily in my classrooms and the materials offered are being continually added to. I am certain that there will not be a “musical stone ” unturned when they complete the program.! Currently, there is enough musical training to give your child/students several years of learning. Prodigies is engaging ,colorful and musically sound. I looked for a program for many years that incorporated everything Prodigies uses and when I discovered them it was “everything I had been looking for”. Besides, everyone loves Mr.Rob.

  64. Rachael

    I bought the lifetime membership as a homeschool with spaced out kids and a growing family. My youngest was an infant at the time so I was grateful for the lifetime option so I could still have it for him when he got old enough. His brother loves it, and now he does too.

    Honestly, I’m not very consistent with this or most things. I think if I had gone the subscription option I would have canceled long time ago just because I didn’t use it all the time. But I have no regrets. We still use it. My kids love it. They cheer every time they hear the intro music and realize what I just put on. And I can tell they’re learning.

    I was initially drawn to the program because I liked how they taught simple music theory. I didn’t even realize that teaching them perfect pitch was a possibility. That alone is worth it. But I love love love how they keep adding things. Between adding teaching guides to make it more easy for me, to adding new instrument classes, the constant lifetime access to everything is so worth it for us!

  65. Kate (verified owner)

    I bought the lifetime membership 2 years ago when my oldest was 3 years old. We still consistently use it until today and I am so thankful and glad that I got it. My son is now 5 and he is excited whenever he plays bells and I am so proud of how well he does. As a piano teacher, I am so glad that my son already has a good foundation and knowledge for music. If we had gone the traditional route, he wouldnt be ready to play piano until at least another year or 2 and we would have missed out on all this music teaching!

  66. Minnie

    Best money I have spent for my K-2 classes!

  67. Jessica

    This program deserves the highest of ratings! Rob, Sam and the entire prodigies team have really done their research and they’ve changed the way we interact with music in our home. Our 3 year old can pick out the c scale solfege on an unmarked piano and when my husband plays a note, he can give the note name and the solfege name. He is also singing more and experimenting more and more with his own musical melodies! Our one year old daughter can keep time with sweet beets and she loves to play and dance along with all the prodigies videos.

    I also teach classes using prodigies as my curriculum, and the kids and parents both absolutely love it!
    My husband teaches elementary school and uses prodigies regularly in his classroom.

    Thank you so much for such an amazing way to teach and learn music. I cannot wait to see what else this company does to change the world of music education.

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