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The Ultimate Prodigies Curriculum Kit!

  • Lifetime Access to
  • All Video & PDF Downloads
  • 3 Years of SmartTV & Tablet App Access
  • BUNDLE includes physical goods as shown

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Welcome to Prodigies w/ Host & Creator Mr. Rob


Over 400 Interactive, Educational & Accessible Music Lessons for Kids Ages 1-12.

No prior musical training required!

Lifetime includes all parent/teacher guidance, progressions, video downloads & more

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Free 60 Day Returns


Prodigies Lifetime is our Ultimate Digital Membership. It includes…

  • Lifetime Membership to and all past, present & future Prodigies series
  • Unlocks our Download Hall: Download ALL the Prodigies videos for continued use offline (intended for your sites use only, not for sharing with other schools, families, etc)
  • NEW: 3 Years of Tablet + SmartTV App Access (iOS, tvOS, Roku, Android, Android TV, FireTv) + App Renewals at $30/yr (for years 4, 5, etc) – Built and managed by
  • Never charged again for website access, no matter how many years you use the site or how many upgrades and programs we add
  • Unlimited access to the video & PDF curriculum inside including Playtime Prodigies, Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Holiday Prodigies, Sweet Beets and more!
  • Lifetime Bundle includes Deskbells, Chromatic Bells, Recorder, 8 Workbooks, 6 Songbooks
  • Streaming & Downloadable access to 400+ music lessons and songs
  • NEW TEACH Mode: Weekly Lesson Plans & Playlists for more in depth tracking and use of the curriculum
  • NEW LEARN Videos: Learn the in’s and out’s of using Prodigies for maximum effect
  • Marketing Materials to help you sell the program to your students’ parents or to your friends as an affiliate
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume II
  • PDF access to My Chromatic Songbook
  • PDF access to Holiday Prodigies Songbook
  • PDF access to Preschool Prodigies Workbooks: Chapters 1-8
  • PDF access to Primary Prodigies Workbook: Chapters 1-2 (More coming soon)
  • PDF access to Recorder Prodigies (Squire, Knight, Lord/Lady available – King/Queen Level coming soon)
  • MP3 downloads of Mr. Rob’s two CDs from Nature Jams
  • MP3 downloads of Totigies
  • Customer Support


Lifetime BUNDLE Comes with Physical Goods Including:

The Lifetime Bundle includes all of digital content mentioned, as well as the physical goods shown (which are)

  • Prodigies C Major Deskbells
  • Prodigies 5 Note Chromatic Extension Deskbells
  • Aulos Student Recorder
  • Preschool Prodigies: Chapter Workbooks 1-8 (with parent/teacher guidance, sheet music & worksheets)
  • My First Songbook Volume I & II
  • My First Chromatic Songbook
  • Recorder Prodigies Book 1
  • PsP Melodies Book 1
  • Holiday Prodigies Songbook

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How to use Prodigies?

3 Approaches that Work…

Sing, Sign & Play with…


The simplest approach is to pick a playlist and sing, hand-sign & play along.

This is quick, easy and will set your kids up for an extended amount of video-led instruction on the web, iOSApple TVAndroidAndroid TVRoku & fireTV.

Expand with some color-coded songbooks for a bit of screen-free practice.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For a more thorough (yet still simple approach), use the Prodigies Chapter workbooks as your guide.

The workbooks contain simple lesson guides that tell you what materials, videos & concepts you’ll be working with. They also contain the sheet music and activities to go with each section.

By completing the activities and plan outlined in the guide, you’ll reinforce and perfect each concept a bit better before moving onto more difficult lessons.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For the most thorough and step-by-step approach, look to the course progressions inside the TEACH area.

Here you’ll find our suggested progression for combining ALL of the Prodigies videos into a more lengthy and thorough music education.

The lesson plans (Pro & Lifetime plans) & video playlists allow you to easily deliver a comprehensive 45 minute music class.

For our Pro & Lifetime Members, TEACH features additional activities, sheet music & checklists.

The core progression follows the same path as the workbooks, but includes additional videos that introduce, expand, review & reinforce the core lesson.



27 reviews for SHIPS DEC 7th: Prodigies Lifetime Bundle

  1. Meagan

    We have been using Prodigies Lifetime for about a year now. I love having access to all the videos and content to use with all of my children ages 1-6. It’s been a great purchase and my children love playing the bells and watching the fun lessons by Mr. Rob. 🙂

  2. Brittany Rodriguez

    The lifetime membership has been a wonderful addition to our Homeschooling life! I have 3 children ages 6, 4 and 18 months. They all adore this program. I love that it gives me the freedom to use it anywhere and everywhere. The cost savings is tremendous as to what it would take for one or just two of my kids but will be amazing for all three!
    The time savings for me as compared to having to pack everyone up to go to different lessons!
    The ease of the lessons for the kids. It’s something they look forward to, ask for and enjoy while they’re learning. All three of them enjoy the lessons and their own levels. We’re looking forward to adding in a recorder soon for Christmas.
    I love how it does all the work for me with lesson plans and songbooks and workbooks. They are very well thought out and laid out. As a parent we all know anything that makes our life easier is fantastic! This program does it!!
    It’s a wonderful program. I fully recommend it and could keep on gushing about all the wonderful things but I will leave you with this.
    “Do, Do, Do” my 18 month old after his first time seeing the first video! He loved it! And says this every time he sees the red bell.

  3. Rian

    We love having access to all the content in the playground as lifetime members. One of my favorite parts is that the videos will continue playing so my older daughter can continue lessons without my assistance in starting the next video. My kids, 2.5 and 5, fight over the bells, which means I’ll need to get a second set soon. Mr. Rob is a fabulous entertainer without being too childish as the kids grow.

  4. Jody

    My students love, love, love the recorder prodigies! They can’t wait to see what songs come next. I love that I can slow down the songs when we first start learning a new piece. It allows all my students to be successful! WE are doing Jingle Bells in “G” for our Christmas Program. My younger students are very engaged with the songs. I can’t wait to get my bells so I can take full advantage of all prodigies has to offer. Until then we are boom wacking our way through the songs!

  5. Amanda

    My children love “the bells! I decided to sign up for lifetime preschool prodigies this year and it has been great! My chuldren are always asking to put “the bells” on. Initially I got it for my youngest as she saw her older siblings having piano lessons with me and was a bit jealous but still too young to start. So I saw this and thought it was great and perfect musical activities to do together. The lifetime program is great as it means you have all the material whenever you need it and for as long as you need it! Perfect!

  6. Lauren

    The Lifetime Membership has been a great purchase for our family! I know that we have everything we need and then some when it comes to my children’s early and elementary music education. They are learning to both know and enjoy music, which I know will be a blessing to them for a lifetime. The videos are fun, colorful, and my boys love them. They also enjoy the workbooks. We are looking forward to expanding our bell set and grabbing some recorders as we move through the program! My kids are fearless when it comes to music, walking right up to any instrument and wanting to try to play it, and I truly believe that has come from the understanding they’ve gained from the Prodigies program. They aren’t intimidated by music at all. 🙂 Thank you to Mr. Rob and everyone on the Prodigies team!

  7. Alfred Levy (verified owner)

    One day I stumbled across a Prodigies playground sampler online. I showed my girls (ages 2, 5, and 6) and they loved it! My 5 and 6-year olds love being able to navigate the site and play “performance track” songs. My 2-year-old absolutely loves sweet beets (we’re thinking future percussionist) and we can’t serve cherries, avocados, or beets at the dinner table without promising “bell” time after dinner. It is amazing how they can learn a song on the bells and then walk to the piano and play the exact same song. For Christmas, they put “recorders” on their wish list as they hope to be able to play the recorder with Mr. Rob.

    As a homeschooling mom, it is very important for me to create a diverse educational experience for my “students”. Prodigies Lifetime has taught them how to read music, identify notes on a music staff, and recognize notes and chords audibly (I believe this is called memorized pitch). My husband, who is a professionally trained classical singer, is very impressed by the quality of music instruction that is included with Prodigies Lifetime. Not only do the children learn how to read and play music, they also learn solfeges (hand signs for music notes) which is essential in many high school or college music groups.

    When my 6-year old daughter began violin, her teacher was very impressed that she could already read notes on a staff. My daughter already knew how to identify a quarter-note, half-note, whole-note, and rest. Additionally, my daughter could already recognize a basic C, E, and G scale from Prodigies Lifetime, which made it much easier for her to grasp the concept of playing a scale on her violin.

    We often have family movie nights where we pull out our bells and play performance tracks. When we have additional family members or are on a road trip, we bring our boomwhackers and play music with those. It’s great as all we need is our phone, Ipad, or computer! Prodigies Lifetime travels everywhere with us! It is also a great tool for something for my babysitters to do with my children while I am out. It definitely takes educational TV to another level.

    It is a well-known fact that providing music lessons for children benefits their mind, cultivates social skills, and refines discipline and patience. Prodigies Lifetime is wonderful because I was able to start these skills with my children as young as 2 and can continue it for their lifetime and/or for my future children. Investing in Prodigies Lifetime was far more reasonable than paying for private music lessons for my then 2 and 4-year old children who had very short attention spans. We’ve been members since May 2017 and my investment has already paid off! This is one purchase that I have not regretted.

  8. Elaine Y

    The Prodigies Lifetime Membership has been a great value! It’s nice being able to come back to it after months of absence, unlike other subscriptions that time out after a fixed time period. Mr. Rob and his team have really improved and added to it over the past year, so much that I feel like I should be paying an upgrade/maintenance fee for all the goodies that have been added! There is so much material there now (there was already a lot before) and it is all nicely organized. Anytime there is a technical glitch, Mr. Rob and his team are always quick to answer, so product support is fantastic.

    We have are working through the bell lessons. They are nice and short. We can easily do a few at a time and repeat lessons that are tricky. The progression is also well thought out. I love it that I am learning pitch along with my child. We have two bell sets, so that I can play along with my child, but it’s not necessary. Thank you to Mr. Rob and his team for a fantastic product and for offering the lifetime option!

  9. Marie F.

    We LOVE prodegies lifetime. It’s really the only way to go. We love having access to all of the material whenever we want it! We love the flexibility of printing our materials as well, since we are just beginning. My daughter just adores all of the videos and loves to show everyone her “music app” when we are out. I am so happy that I was able to give her this musical introduction! She’s your biggest fan, Mr. Rob!!

  10. Diana Ewing

    I am an elementary music teacher and I love using preschool/primary prodigies with my students. My students love using the videos to sing and play their boomwhackers! My two year old loves singing and playing her bells with the videos as well! She is always asking for her Do show. She also mimics Mr. Rob on the cya later section. These videos are great and so beneficial!

  11. Keicia

    We recently got the lifetime membership for our daughter who is 2. She’s a little younger than the target audience but she already enjoys the bells and sweet beets. I like that I can download the lessons because internet service can be hit and miss sometimes at home so this allows us to “do bells” as my daughter says any time. The membership also includes mp3s so she can enjoy and clap along with sweet beets in the car too.
    We are looking forward to learning more as she grows.
    The really great thing about this membership option is that we get all the new content. The new addition of the recorder is much to hard for her at this point but I love that it’s an option for when she’s older at no additional costs. She has loved music from a very early age and we hope that we can foster that love and enjoyment as she grows and learns. And Preschool Prodigies helps make it fun and easy to do so.

  12. Marina

    I found this wonderful music curriculum about 2 years ago and my kids have loved it since they watched that first video! Mr Rob and his team have developed the curriculum into a treasure trove of videos, printed materials and games that will delight and inspire even the youngest of kids to reach their full musical potential. For my family, being part of this program has been an amazing and fun-filled journey through the basics of music.

  13. Julia M. (verified owner)

    I have a 2.5 yr old girl and a 5 yr old boy. My 2 year old has always loved music. Loves to play toy instruments, likes to learn songs and sing them throughout the day. My 5 yr old not so much. He’s never had an interest in learning songs or playing instruments aside from running around and shaking them like crazy.
    My daughter immediately loved preschool prodigies and will do it everyday. My son was more resistant to starting preschool Prodigies. We homeschool so we do it 2 times a week. He’s happy when he’s doing it if I take his sister to a different room. The lessons are short so that’s perfect for him.
    We’ve been doing it for a few weeks and I’m happy we bought the lifetime membership. My daughter is learning a ton and hopefully my son will too.

  14. Rachel

    I absolutely rave about Prodigies Lifetime. I use it with my students and they look forward to the videos weekly. I have been singing its praises to all my fellow music teachers in our district. I don’t just use the bells with the program, but also incorporate orff instruments, glockenspiels, and keyboard. The students enjoy the worksheets that accompany each lesson as well! Thanks!

  15. Karyn Linnell

    We have been enjoying Preschool Prodigies for nearly two years. It is the best online resource I have found for fun and meaningful music education for all ages. I learned more watching with my daughter than I ever did from any lessons I had as a child, and my daughter loves the program. She can work at her own pace, and enjoys it as much as a tv show. Her knowledge of the material is amazing. It’s the best purchase for a child music education. Mr. Rob knows how to teach music in a way that makes learning easy and fun. It’s meaningful, useful, and affordable.

  16. Brenda Matasovsky

    This entire series is fantabulous!! I used it in my school music classes for an entire group, and now I use at church, too. What a great resource!! Thank you so much!! All my kids love it, all ages, too!!

  17. Karyn Linnell

    I wanted to mention why I chose this particular program. I have known my child has an interest and talent for music from a young age and wanted to foster that in a way that would be fun. I started searching for YouTube videos for lessons for toddlers and found that everything available was either meaningless fluff that didn’t teach any real musical skill or was super boring. The only videos I found that taught real music lessons and was super fun was Preschool Prodigies. I still have not found anything like it, and quite frankly, I am so satisfied I’m not looking. I recommend it to friends and family. The best part about having a lifetime membership is that I never have to worry about anything expiring, a music teacher moving away, or that we have to move at someone else’s pace. If we are busy and skip a week, we don’t lose anything. It’s always there whenever we need it. And it’s always growing. I am always included in anything new that happens as a lifetime member. The products and instruments are such great quality. My daughter reads the song books like bedtime stories. The bells are durable and easy to play. It’s a great company.

  18. Julie C

    My 2 year old loves playing her bells along with Mr. Rob’s videos, and I love that my lifetime access will make it easy for her new sister to learn, too. Great tool for building musical intelligence!

  19. Johanna B

    We are a family of professional musicians, and we can’t say enough praise about Preschool Prodigies! The lessons are very well-crafted, with a great amount of information being make available for the children, but at the same time not overwhelming them. Our son (5) and daughter (3) love the program and are enjoying every step of it, and we are looking forward to using the program over the coming years!

  20. Debra Bennett

    When I came upon Preschool Prodigies I was in awe! I just had to become a Lifetime Member. The videos by Mr.Rob left me in tears…tears of joy and goosebumps! This was what I wanted all these years. I am a visual learner and Sweet Beets drew me in! It captured the children’s attention instantly.
    I had bells already (from a Music company selling Preschool instruments) and
    ordered two more sets. It was instaneously a hit with the children! Mr Rob and Sweet Beets!
    The kids were engaged. Then they were singing the tunes throughout the day! What an amazing adventure we discovered.
    I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 40 years. I have always valued the importance of music in life and especially in a preschool curriculum. My own children were involved with learning piano from five years of age and took lessons and were in competition until they were sixteen.However I was not as fortunate and did not feel confident when teaching my preschoolers but knowing how instrumental (pun intended) Music is …I just winged it! I had rhythm sticks, bells, drums, etc. You name it we experienced the sounds and feeling of drumming on a drum…and shaking those maracas etc.
    But When I found Mr.Rob and saw what he was doing! It was like I used to do with the kiddos ( however) not having any Musical training…We just went with familiar tunes and moved and grooved to the rhythm and beat!
    Now with Preschool Prodigies they are actually learning a new languageI it is just so exhilarating when I see the kiddos so involved and experiencing the joy of music. This program is exceptional and I feel so blessed to have found it!
    Mr. Rob gets it.
    I could go on and on…but my preschoolers are about to arrive.
    Kudos to all the people involved in making Preschool Prodigies what it is!
    I am one thrilled and appreciative member of this community!

  21. Connie

    I️ love preschool prodigies!! I’m an elementary teacher and I️ use it often!

  22. A Clay (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good about prodigies play ground! I have a 4 and 2 year old who love Mr. Rob! Even my 2 year old is learning solfege to songs! All my 4 year old needs is to hear song in solfege and she can play it on multiple mediums (piano, boom whackers, hand bells, bells) I love how each song starts at preschool level and then progresses to primary level reading black and white music. This is a complete program of ear training and theory and teaches the complete language of music not just a song. I wish I had this program before I got my music degree in college I would have passed all of my classes with flying colors! This is the best thing you can do to learn music. After doing this program I am confident you could learn any instrument with much greater ease.

  23. Jodi B

    I happened upon Prodigies by accident one day on YouTube. Thanks to that initial free content, I am now a Lifetime Member. I teach music in a K-12 building and was looking for relevant content and PsP is THE BEST. Not only does it enhance my current curriculum, Mr. Rob introduces it in such a user friendly manner that my students were set up for instant success, and that isn’t always the case when it comes to music. I use this in all of my k-4 classroom music and the students LOVE it!

  24. amberlynn

    I originally purchased the lifetime membership for my own preschool child, to enrich his music education. However, I soon discovered there was so much value here that I took it into my elementary classroom. The game quality of the play along tracks is resulting in my fourth grader mastering three note recorder songs quicker than ever before. All my K-5 students enjoy the melody sing-alongs, and there are many tracks I can use as either enrichments or interventions for my younger students.

  25. Cindy Ernst (verified owner)

    I use this in my classroom. I teach general music education to K4 through 8th grades. The kids love it! There’s something for everyone.

  26. Joanna (verified owner)

    Love it!I’m going to use that program in my country, in Poland!

  27. Kate Lujan (verified owner)

    We love Preschool Prodigies! I am a piano teacher and am so glad that I am able to share my passion for music with my 3 year old son. I originally was not planning on teaching my son music until he was 6. However, with Preschool Prodigies, he is now able to play and enjoy music with me.

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