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2 Year, 3 Bell Replacement Policy
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Colorful, durable and well-tuned deskbells make an ideal instrument for young learners.

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The Prodigies C Major Deskbells are of the highest quality and produced with our long time partners in chime, Rhythm Band Instruments to ensure the highest standard for tuning and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions


What color scheme are the bells?

The bells match the Boomwhackers color scheme called “Chroma-Notes” – the same color system we use throughout all of Prodigies! These colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Purple, Pink and Red.


What Do I Do if One of my Bells Breaks?

If you received a set of bells and one is broken, let us know! We will ship you a replacement bell ASAP.

Our bells are also back by a 2 year, 3 bell replacement policy, so we can send you free replacements within the US if something happens to one of your bells!

The bells are petty durable and kid-resistant, but alas, they’re not totally kid-proof. If you pull really hard on the top spring piece, you can break the seal that holds the spring and the lever in place. Sometimes, a well-placed drop of super-glue can fix this, depending on how it broke exactly.


How Many Bells Should I Get?

In most cases, you’ll want every child participating in the program to have their own set of bells.

In both the classroom and at home, having a set for each child is a massive advantage. They can fully participate in every song and they’ll (hopefully) take more ownership over “my bells.” It also helps minimize competition for the bells amongst siblings.

That said, you certainly can split the bells up among two players to create a more duet type scenario. Many of the more difficult lessons suggest this anyway (i.e. each person takes 4 bells).

The problem is really in the earlier lessons where we focus on one, two or three notes, which happens in the majority of Chapters 1-5. In these lessons, many families who only have one set, end up having two kids participate but with different (aka the wrong) notes. This greatly diminishes the effectiveness of the ear training and the guided musical play that’s supposed to be taking place.

If you’re nervous about investing in the bells, take comfort in our 100% satisfaction guarantee on instruments! Plus, the C Major Preschool Prodigies bells sound amazing, hold up well and they’ll last for years!


International Shipping – Do you ship bells internationally?

Yes, however, import duty and VAT (value added tax) may be imposed by your local authorities for the package. We typically charge a flat rate for what it costs to ship the items, but cannot charge for these extra fees in advance. When you receive your order, you may receive notice to pay a customs, VAT, or import duty to receive them. Please be aware of this before placing your order with us, so these charges won’t take you by surprise. You can find out what rates are charged for importing our products to your country through your local shipping carriers. This can vary by country from 5-20% of the value of the package. If you order bells and books, they do ship separately. Since bells and books ship separately, the import fees would be assessed on each package when it arrives. If customs and other fees are not paid, the items may be returned to us.


Return Policy

For instruments and physical goods, we offer a 30 day no-risk return period as well as free shipping on returns/

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 13.5 × 6.5 × 3.5 in

1 Set of 8 Bells, 2 Sets (Save $5.00), 3 Sets (Save $7.50), 6 Sets (Save $15.00), 12 Sets (Save $40)

16 reviews for [Ships Dec 7th] Prodigies C Major Deskbells

  1. Mandie Genore-Bak

    I purchased these bells in a bundle with the Lifetime Playground subscription. Not much to say about the bells other than they were everything we expected… fantastic. I hadn’t heard of PsP before stumbling upon them thru an internet search. I looked over their website, viewed a couple videos and was drawn right in. I have been nothing but happy with PsP’s product, customer service, and continued effort to make the experience even greater than it already is. I received my bells and songbook just 2 days after placing my order!! Super fast! I would recommend these bells to everyone.

  2. Michelle

    My kids LOVE playing their bells. I have currently a 4.5 year old, 3 year old and 18 month old and they all adore them and are constantly getting them out to make tunes. They seem very durable, which is awesome because of the ages of my kids. 🙂 Preschool Prodigies was easy to work with when I ordered these with my playground subscription and I had the bells at my house within the time frame they gave.

  3. Brandi

    Best mail ever for a kid! My nearly four-year old was so happy when her bells arrived. They are great quality and sound. She plays them all the time.

  4. Helena Oliveira Correa Nunes

    I was so happy when the bells arrived in my home, here in Brazil, because I knew that my class children in music class would love them. What an amazing and lovely product! Congratulations Preschool Prodigies !!! A big PsP fan of Brazil!

  5. Team Wilcox

    Our 18 month year old began playing with these bells when less than a year old . They are sturdy, well-made and can withstand her current toddler bangs and booms. She quickly understood the concept of letting the bells rest on a hard surface in order to hear the chime when pressing the button a top. She enjoys choosing her bell of choice and placing them in different orientations around her. A huge SMILE appears when she makes the effort of using her gross motor coordination to play her own songs! A HUGE THANKS to the PsP Team for introducing these into our home! Excited to explore more from PsP as she grows….the curriculum looks intriguing and fun for the whole family 🙂

  6. elena

    I bought this set for my 3 y.o boy. He loves it. He learnt how to play “Twinkle star” within 5 minutes. He really enjoy it and can play for hours. I also show bells to my 1 y.o. girl. She plays music right now. Her music is improvisation but it is beginning. This set is also durable. My daughter threw them on the floor and there are still in good condition. I am really happy that I found this set. It is excellent musical educational toy. You can learn solfege, rhythm and play and sign songs.

  7. sharon b

    My boys love their bells. They are wonderful for all ages. My one year old has dropped them and thrown them across the room and the bell survived. They are built to last. I bought them for my one year old to play with while his brother practices his violin. But now, we all practice violin and the bells for a full family experience.

  8. Lauren

    My kids were loving and learning from the free videos without instruments for a while before we decided to go all in with the Lifetime Playground subscription–and the bells! We knew we wanted our kids to eventually play piano, but we weren’t entirely sure what steps to take to get there other than just starting piano lessons. But the Bells make SO MUCH SENSE. They are easy and fun to play so that I know my kids will have such an amazing, hands-on understanding of music before they ever touch a piano keyboard. And the bells are not as…fragile…as other instruments, so my kids are able to get them out at will and play with them without me having to worry too much about them breaking something! That’s a plus. 😉

  9. Linda Pelech

    I Love the Bells! They are in bright easy to recognize colors. They have great tone and are easy to play. My preschool class of 18 children are always excited when I say it’s time to play our Bells. And even though they get bumped on the floor, it happened again today, we just pick it up and keep playing. Such a great way to introduce young children to a lifetime of music.

  10. Ariel

    Another 5 star review for these colorful bells! They are sturdy and the sound is strong. Best of all my kids can’t keep their hands off of them! My daughter enjoys rearranging them for her own compositions and also learning familiar songs with them in order. They are high quality and appealing in the home as well.

  11. Emily Hill

    A wonderful instrument set for ALL ages! Even my adult students get a kick out of them and “wish they were available way back when.” High quality and durable, they even hold up when jettisoned across the room (as much as I cringe admitting that happened)!

  12. Steven (verified owner)

    We are hearing a lot of joyful music from these bells. Our 4.5 year old son squealed with delight when we surprised him with this set. He is “energetic” in his playing, and it’s a good feeling to know he can enjoy playing the bells with enthusiasm. Thank you for your high quality products!

  13. Laura Negus (verified owner)

    I purchased this set of bells to go with a Lifetime membership for my family. I am very impressed with the quality. Well constructed, durable, and really lovely tone. I don’t mind listening to them even when my daughter (almost 3) plays at max volume (is there another setting for toddlers?). The colors are also so attractive and helpful with learning, of course. My daughter loves playing with them and learning her lessons with, “My teacher, Mr. Rob!”

  14. Linda Pelech

    I’d like to add on to my previous review as to how much the children love playing the bells. We recently had a school break and no music class for two weeks. First thing the children were asking for on our next music class day was “can we play the bells! There’s no better way to learning as when you are having fun at the same time!

  15. Laurajo

    These bells are an amazing way to introduce your kids to creating music. Durable, lightweight, and colorful, the bells are exactly what I was looking for as a way to introduce my kids to music while they are still a little young for formal piano lessons. We play them almost daily and the kids constantly fight over them and who gets to have “Mr. Rob” time. Guess we better buy another set!

  16. Jenny Jarvis

    My children love the bells. We purchased with a lifetime membership. My kids couldn`t wait to start playing. They are the perfect size for small hands. They store nicely in the box and we have even taken them when traveling. The colors are attractive and fun for kids. I can`t wait until we can order a second set for my children to play together. What a better way to teach and engage kids than this fun activity!

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