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Over 400 Interactive, Educational & Accessible
Music Lessons for Kids Ages 1-12.

Fun for families at home. Powerful for teachers at school.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Pause or Cancel Anytime.


Give your kids the cognitive benefits of a music education


If you ever thought that…

  • Your kids are watching too much YouTube and you’d love to have an educational alternative
  • Your child has a knack for music and you want to help them develop it
  • It’d be great to teach your kids an instrument, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start
  • You want to start a music program at your school, but you can’t find the right materials at the right price

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone! The Prodigies community is all about putting kids, parents & teachers on a path for musical success.

Program Philosophy

Error-proof Learning

  • Colorful, affordable & accessible music lesson for kids
  • Video series focused on a practical approach to singing in tune & developing a good sense for pitch & rhythm
  • Curriculum focused on early instrumental performance
  • Helps children develop absolute pitch during their formative years

Meaningful Play with Individual Notes

  • Affordable and accessible music lessons for everyone
  • Gives children an education about musical pitch during the age when it can blossom into a life-long sense for pitch (meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development)
  • Demystifying music & early music education for parents, teachers & kids

Brain Based Vocabulary & Instruction

  • Kinesthetic hand-signs to go with pitch
  • Learn music through numbers (scale degrees), note names (C D E), Solfege (Do Re Mi), Hand-signs and Colors

No musical background required

  • Easy for parents at home who want to teach their kids music
  • Engaging & easy to implement in the preschool classroom


Prodigies Play Includes

  • Stream Over 450 Lessons & Songs
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • Customer Support


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Prodigies?

Just add this product to your cart and proceed with the checkout process. You will be asked to enter your email and create a username and password.

This will be your login for the Playground. You can access your membership at or follow the link in the confirmation email we send.
Once inside, you have lots of options!
If you’re starting without bells, head over to our Melodies series first to practice singing and signing. If you’re starting with bells, start with Chapter One of Preschool Prodigies–even if your learner is older, Preschool Prodigies helps lay the foundation for playing the bells
If you’re starting with a recorder, start with Recorder Prodigies Intro inside the Squire level.
Each video lesson has sheet music, workbook activities, or both depending on the series. Workbooks and songbooks are sold separately from this membership. Once you have you membership, if you have any questions,
Mr. Rob and the team are here to help! Email [email protected] at any time–we’re happy to help

Can I pause or cancel my membership at any time?

Yep! Just head over to the subscriptions page inside of your account, find your billing subscription and click cancel. It’s that easy!

What if I have no music or teaching experience?

Don’t worry! There are lots of easy to follow music lessons as well as easy beginner songs to get you rolling.
Just follow the videos laid out in each chapter and have your learner follow along with his or her bells!

Can I try this program out for free first?

Yes! Just head over to to try some free materials.

Can I see a full list of lessons?

Visit the Prodigies Index page to see a complete list of all of our lessons.
Or head over to to check out our course progressions.


Membership Options

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42 reviews for Monthly Memberships

  1. Claire Ghazzawi

    Amazing even though i didn’t get books or videos or any of your stuff yet but i saw some videos on your youtube channel it’s really amazing way of teaching

  2. Natalie Malpass

    My children love the preschool prodigies lessons and bells. My daughter is 4 and asks to start her lesson as soon as she wakes up in the morning. The app is easy to use, the lessons are engaging and manageable for young children, even the workbooks are bright fun and combined music with literacy education. I am going to recommend this program to my child’s preschool!

  3. Mary Maier and Cole Walsh-Davis

    We searched and searched for the best way to encourage our 3-year-old’s musical growth. The VERY best thing we found has been the Prodigies Playground. Our son responds so well to Mr. Rob and loves the new addition of Ms. Sam. They both exude a kind, happy energy along with their exceptional ability to teach music. My husband is a musician and cannot believe the time, energy, and research that has clearly been put into the creation of this program. Not only is it really well thought out, BUT it also works. Our son is singing his own made-up songs in colors, numbers, letters and solfege. He completely understands the correlation because it has been presented so well. We love the bells because they give him the opportunity to move around while playing, which is developmentally important for a kid his age. This is all-around the very best investment we have made into his education thus far. Great job, guys!

  4. james alfaro

    AWESOME program! My daughter loves it. Lessons are short and fun for kids. The workbooks provide great exercises to further support the ideas of each video.

  5. Mike Green

    As an elementary school music teacher and former band director, Prodigies is the best early music training program I’ve ever seen!!! I use it at two K-3 elementary schools with over 700 students and at home with my teenage daughter with special needs and my two grandsons (ages 4 and 6)!!! We all love Prodigies!!!

  6. Mary Ann Costa

    As a retired elementary music teacher, I was looking for a programme that would encourage my grandchildren in their music journey. As I researched the Prodigies site, I was pleased to find many elements that I had used with my students (solfeg handsigns, coloured boomwhackers, song based lessons etc.) I ordered the starter bundle for our 2 yr. old’s birthday present. He loves exploring the bells, that I appreciate are cleanly in tune and pleasant to hear. He also enjoys watching the theatre lessons. He finds them colourful and entertaining. We have been enrolled for 2 weeks now and look forward to our daily music making. I appreciate the programme you have offered as am a firm believer in early music education.

  7. Kristen Bieneman

    I used recorder prodigies with my 4th grade students. One of the best recorder programs out there for beginning recorder! (I have used many.) Very sequential, everything about technique is covered. I loved the full performance, karaoke performance, and no-help performance play along videos. The backing tracks made the pieces very enjoyable. No other program shows the strong and weak beats in a measure!

  8. Yvette Rodriguez

    Hello I am a preschool teacher that is using your program to encourage kids to enjoy any love music.They love the bells. I love that program my grandson of 4 years is enjoying the program too. Thanks

  9. Ivy Wong

    The prodigies all of books are very good for teaching your kids or instruments students. Specially the funny videos. Abstract the kids will learn to play the colourful bells. Use the Orff teaching kids step by step, for example, body movement, body percussion, rhythmic, rhymes, improvisation. Although the prodigies bells sounds good, ear training is very important. In addition , prodigies funny videos , childhood play the songs, singing the songs and encourage childhood learning to music. We will try it to teach childhood. They’ve enjoy it very much.

  10. Ivy Wong

    If they bought the expends bells and chromatic bells and play too much songs

  11. Christina C

    I have a music degree and am so impressed with all of our lessons and materials through Preschool Prodigies! My 3 year old has been learning so much through these fun, and well-organized lessons. She wanders around singing perfectly on pitch, and uses her bells most every day to sing and play little songs. It’s incredible to watch her growth and we are so happy with this program!

  12. Ivy Wong

    Oh I forgot talk to the prodigies Recorder book and chromatic book. They will step by step to teach how to learn the Recorder and how to play different sounds of B flat , F sharp , etc. of the bells with the videos.
    Hopefully they can enjoy it 🙂

  13. allisonashivers

    Jane Griffith–August 6, 2018
    I am happy to share how Prodigies has truly enhanced my music education program at my school. I used the trial version last year and was extremely pleased with the curriculum, the way it was presented, the make-sense sequencing, how students were immediately engaged with playing or signing, with the modeling of Mr. Rob, the short spurts of learning and practice that were totally appreciated making wise use of my short 30 minute classes. My students were completely engaged for each segment. Our parent organization purchased the Lifetime access for me and my students. There is so much material for the span of ages from age 3- 6th grade, especially with the recorder options. I can’t wait to utilize my access to the workbooks for writing and composing practice. I have xylophones and metallophones that I label with colored dots to coincide with the bells Mr. Rob uses and of course Boom Whackers that are interchangeable for the bells. Thanks Mr. Rob for incorporating all the listening pieces for which students can immediately be engaged with playing instruments, also. I look forward to a truly engaging and learning year with access to the whole program.

  14. Nina

    I’m a mum of three very musical kids. We discovered preschool prodigies while looking for an online recorder course for our 6 year old boy. He loved every minute of learning how to play recorder with Mr Rob. It gave him great sense of independence and achievement. He learned that daily practice gives great results. In meantime our 2 year old was discovering everything else preschool prodigies has to offer and he loves it all. There is no day in our house without playing his favourite song and sweet beets. Kids love it = We love it.

  15. aleksandra.olecka

    We homeschool and I was looking for a good music curriculum. It felt like singing and waving scarfs kind of classes weren’t enough for my son, but he is still too young for learning to play an instrument. He fell in love with the trial classes, cherries and beets song is his favorite and the bells are simply amazing! I played piano for 8 years and I feel like the bells will make learning to play a “grownup” instrument so easy!

  16. Rebecca Harker

    My preschool music students love Mr. Rob’s videos. This is a great curriculum.

  17. Katie

    My kids love prodigies!

  18. Nicol Montero

    We have been using Prodigies Music for a year now and still love it! I have used many different early childhood music programs over the last 12 years and this one is wonderful! It’s fun, engaging, and so much is being taught. My 6 year old is now reading simple music and tries it in the piano. His older sisters play the piano so it’s something used all the time in our home. I love that this encourages him to play music whether on the bells or in other ways like the piano. I recommend Prodigies Music whenever I have the chance.

  19. Hannah

    I highly recommend Preschool Prodigies. My two kids and I have had so much fun the past 6 months with our membership. My 4 year old has learnt to sing in tune and my 6 year old has learnt about rhythm, solfege, scales, and has easily transitioned from the bells to playing the piano. Most importantly Mr Rob’s warm, fun energy have inspired a joy and love of music in all of us. Thank you Mr. Rob!

  20. Sadie

    This program is amazing for young musicians. I’ve seen many piano teachers use it, and I’m using it for voice lessons too! They really do develop a good sense of pitch, better than any other technique I’ve seen. It’s also engaging and makes the learning fun, which is how all kids learn best.

  21. Emily

    I enjoy the fun, interactive nature of this program!

  22. Sindhu

    Absolutely love everything abt this… thank you for bringing music into our lives

  23. Andrea Foster

    My four year old is loving this. She’s practicing her hand signals and loves the campfire song. It’s wonderful to see her really enjoying learning music this way.

  24. Heather Marie Stacy

    From what I can tell this seems like a fabulous program. I love it. I think all kids should learn some form of music.

  25. Danette Davis

    I would absolutely love to have a set of the hand bells and the Ukulele. These look like so much fun, and I am sure students would love them. Teaching music is like sharing a song with the world!

  26. Chrystal

    I love these videos for my students along with my son He loves the preschool prodigies especially the campfire song and Vivaldi’s Spring

  27. Pablo

    All three of my kids LOVE it. This is their favorite class. My fourth grader has plenty of challenging things to learn and my 4 year old has tons of fun videos to learn from. Great for all ages!

  28. Paula

    We are loving our bells and exposure my little ones are getting to pitch and notes; we just started and my 3.5 yr old is hooked!

  29. annapupysheva

    Video life all the time saying that it doesn’t work. something go wrong try again later! Later when? When my lesson finished
    Really uncomfortable app

  30. Kristin D. Knapp

    I’m so excited about everything I’m seeing. I am trying to get this purchased for my school. I can’t wait to get started!!

  31. Jasmine Dawkins

    Awesome lessons and bells. We homeschool and our children love them!

  32. Andrea Bloom

    Prodigies is so lovely & fun! My 3 kids (1, 3, & 5 years old) have been loving every minute of the videos. The workbooks, etc are all fun & bright too.

    The website is very easy to navigate as well, despite the huge amount of content.

    We lost our home & town in a CA wildfire & Prodigies has helped so much with my kids’ recovery.

    We love everything about Prodigies. This is definitely worth every penny. Do not hesitate to purchase this program.

  33. DONNA

    I include Prodigies Play as part of the curriculum for my preschool and primary piano students, and think so highly of it that I pay for it for each student to have at home as well as in the studio. . It is an excellent theory and ear training program for the youngest learners, and supports what we do in lessons extremely well. The chording and theory taught in the presxholl and primary units is far more advanced than most methods teach in the first several years, making them that much more capable of working at that higher level on piano. The bells provide an easy, accessible way to learn the skills before transitioning to the individual fingers of piano.

    This is an amazing program.

  34. Kim

    We love all of Mr Rob’s videos! He is such a wonderful teacher!

  35. Lauren Sullivan

    We have the lifetime membership and it has been amazing!! My girls ages 2 and 4 love Mr. Rob’s upbeat and encouraging teaching style. They are learning so much!

  36. Ariel

    My boys LOVE prodegies lessons. They are 7, 5, 3 and 9 mos and they all love it and are learning so much! It’s incredible because even at different ages they can watch the same video and get so much out of it!!

  37. Michael

    I love these lessons. Great way to spend quality time with my son.

  38. Tabitha Reigns

    I’m so impressed by this, and the timing is great… my daughter wants to learn the ukelele! I’m really glad they have the monthly option.

  39. Wendy

    Great program, totally worth the time and money investment. My kids are super excited to do our music lessons in our homeschool.

  40. Courtney

    This is a must for young homeschoolers. My children and I adore the Prodigies music program. Fun, engaging, and affordable! Can’t be beat.

  41. Mike

    What a great way to engage kids with short videos tailored to their age. Followed with workbooks to help drive home the learning. My students LOVE this program.

  42. Christine

    This is the best program I have been able to find for my kiddos. Prodigies Music is very engaging. My kids absolutely love this program.

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