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Over 400 Interactive, Educational & Accessible
Music Lessons for Kids Ages 1-12.

Fun for families at home. Powerful for teachers at school.

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Give your kids the cognitive benefits of a music education


If you ever thought that…

  • Your kids are watching too much YouTube and you’d love to have an educational alternative
  • Your child has a knack for music and you want to help them develop it
  • It’d be great to teach your kids an instrument, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start
  • You want to start a music program at your school, but you can’t find the right materials at the right price

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone! The Prodigies community is all about putting kids, parents & teachers on a path for musical success.

Program Philosophy

Error-proof Learning

  • Colorful, affordable & accessible music lesson for kids
  • Video series focused on a practical approach to singing in tune & developing a good sense for pitch & rhythm
  • Curriculum focused on early instrumental performance
  • Helps children develop absolute pitch during their formative years

Meaningful Play with Individual Notes

  • Affordable and accessible music lessons for everyone
  • Gives children an education about musical pitch during the age when it can blossom into a life-long sense for pitch (meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development)
  • Demystifying music & early music education for parents, teachers & kids

Brain Based Vocabulary & Instruction

  • Kinesthetic hand-signs to go with pitch
  • Learn music through numbers (scale degrees), note names (C D E), Solfege (Do Re Mi), Hand-signs and Colors

No musical background required

  • Easy for parents at home who want to teach their kids music
  • Engaging & easy to implement in the preschool classroom


Prodigies Play Includes

  • Stream Over 550+ Lessons & Songs
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • Customer Support


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Prodigies?

Just add this product to your cart and proceed with the checkout process. You will be asked to enter your email and create a username and password.

This will be your login for the Playground. You can access your membership at or follow the link in the confirmation email we send.
Once inside, you have lots of options!
If you’re starting without bells, head over to our Melodies series first to practice singing and signing. If you’re starting with bells, start with Chapter One of Preschool Prodigies–even if your learner is older, Preschool Prodigies helps lay the foundation for playing the bells
If you’re starting with a recorder, start with Recorder Prodigies Intro inside the Squire level.
Each video lesson has sheet music, workbook activities, or both depending on the series. Workbooks and songbooks are sold separately from this membership. Once you have you membership, if you have any questions,
Mr. Rob and the team are here to help! Email [email protected] at any time–we’re happy to help

Can I pause or cancel my membership at any time?

Yep! Just head over to the subscriptions page inside of your account, find your billing subscription and click cancel. It’s that easy!

What if I have no music or teaching experience?

Don’t worry! There are lots of easy to follow music lessons as well as easy beginner songs to get you rolling.
Just follow the videos laid out in each chapter and have your learner follow along with his or her bells!

Can I try this program out for free first?

Yes! Just head over to to try some free materials.

Can I see a full list of lessons?

Visit the Prodigies Index page to see a complete list of all of our lessons.
Or head over to to check out our course progressions.



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50 reviews for Monthly Membership (w/ 30 Day Free Trial)

  1. Sharon

    I started prodigies with a free trial and then went to a longer membership. Loved the program so much I ended up a lifetime member. The step by step, short and engaging videos that keep leveling up are awesome. They slip music fundamentals in through active and engaging methods. Highly recommend.

  2. Mairi Macleod

    Prodigies music is so exciting and versatile! The videos capture the imagination of every child, the colours are so bright & vivid that they keep wanting more and the tunes are catchy that even parents end up singing them around the house, further encouraging the child! Mr Rob and the team have created this fantastic resource for the future development of music and I’m so glad that they did. Everything is so clearly laid out, you don’t have to be a musician to help your young ones learn, experience, live in the music world.

  3. Elizabeth McMaster

    I am a piano teacher and have taught for many years. I hadn’t taught young children , below the age of 6, very much because I couldn’t find a satisfactory programme or find a way to engage the students well enough. Then I came across Prodigies. I am thrilled to say that now I can start with the very young and we can enjoy lessons!

  4. Danielle

    We love Prodigies music program. It has been a great motivator to keeping up the progress and practice for my beginning piano player. My children spontaneously sing the songs throughout the day and it has brought great joy to our homeschool days. I am not an experienced music teacher so I love the ease of teaching the lessons that are well put together and comprehensive.

  5. Kristen

    Prodigies has completely transformed the way I teach elementary music. I am an experienced teacher with a degree in music, but I was totally exhausted from having to be “on” all the time. The engaging lessons with Mr Rob give my students someone else to listen to for a change, and the interactive videos give my voice a break. I COULD teach music without Prodigies, but teaching music WITH Prodigies is much less stressful, and more enjoyable (for both me and my students!)

  6. Donna Metler

    Prodigies is wonderful. I use it with my preschool and early primer music students, , both in lessons and as a home supplement, and it is amazing how good they get at music reading and how much it accelerates their piano instruction. It is the perfect at home practice companion. The bells are accessible even to the youngest,but my older kids love them as well.

  7. maritza

    I absolutely love this program. I started when my daughter was about 1.5 and it was the monthly program. I got the bells and started implementing the classes into our everyday. Now I’m a lifetime member and its the best decision ever musically. She enjoys the videos and loves playing with the bells. Not for Nothing but so do I! Looking forward to learning alongside my daughter with all of the great tools Mr. Rob and Mrs. Sam and the rest of the team provide us. Side note: awesome customer service. Every time I have a question, or concern I email them and they respond quickly. And they have never given me the feeling of being annoying. Even though I mightve been 😉 lol overall great company. #herestomanyyears

  8. Amber Ellgen

    Prodigies has been fantastic for my 4 yr old daughter! I didn’t even think I could get her involved with music so early, but this program has been perfect for her! She has loved doing the piano along with all the books & my younger 3 yr old & 1 yr old love playing along with the bells which still teaches them rhythm. It’s everything I hoped it would be.

  9. Marsha Ng

    My kids 18 months, 4 yo and 6 yo love the Prodigies Music program. Mr Robb is engaging, fun and the kids love learning and hands-on playing with deskbells. We did Suzuki violin lessons for almost a year, but i would have to say that my kids learned far more in the few months of Prodigies Music than they did in a year of Suzuki lessons. We are lifetime members. Excellent value! Highly recommend!

  10. valerie.martin

    I have been using membership since the beginning of this year. I am a private piano teacher, and a mother of 7. While my studio isn’t very large, I’m always looking for ways to make learning music more engaging for my students, while still being interesting for myself. The resources are great. The videos are engaging. The colors are fun!

  11. Julie

    My son loves prodigies. He has been watching it since he was 1 and he knows the notes by color, numbers, solfege and by hearing. Really recommended!

  12. Grace

    The Prodigies program has completely transformed my music teaching. I’ve been a public school music teacher for over 10 years, and this program really provides a thorough and well-structured curriculum that is fun for all of my elementary music students. I’ve introduced this program to my family members with young children and they have also fallen in love.

  13. Danielle

    Prodigies is amazing! As someone who has always loved music, I wanted to introduce my children to it as early as possible. That being said, I had NO idea that they could learn music notes, rhythm, etc at such a young age. My 4 yr old and 2 yr old LOVE pulling out their bells to sing, sign and play along with Mr Rob and team! The videos are both educational and entertaining. They are learning music theory in a way that makes it fun. I cannot wait to see how their love for music continues to grow and grow. The best part? I get to be a part of the journey. We are making memories together!

  14. Lucia Mier y Terán Romero

    As a musician myself I wish I had had an amazing tool like Prodigies as a child. It would have made music learning so much easier and fun!
    My kids live it although they’re still very young, I’m excited to see them develop their musical skills.

  15. Drea

    Prodigies is by far the best music education program for young children—and the best use of screen time for kids! My 4-year old loves playing bells along with Mr. Rob and Ms. Sam and my 1- year old twins ask for prodigies videos all the
    time by doing the “Do” hand-sign and saying “Do”! One twin even sings along on-key sometimes. My preschooler is able to play along and has learned all the notes and Solfege names really easily. The videos are progressive and teach them step by step so they aren’t overwhelmed if you follow the course and pace of the program. There are also TONS of songs and we use the songs playlist just for fun screen time while I’m making dinner most evenings. If you value music education for your kids, this program is worth every penny

  16. Katie

    We love using prodigies! We have been using it for about 3 years now and I love watching our kids get better over time! Right now we have age ranges from 7 years old down to 9 months and they all enjoy it!
    They are so good at picking out the correct note when they hear it.
    There are so many different aspects of prodigies- rhythm, chords, reading music, bells, recorder, piano, ukulele, and more! Highly recommended!

  17. James Brown

    I decided to try out the free month of membership for Prodigies. I teach K-4 and my kids responded so positively to this program that I quickly purchased a lifetime membership! My younger students (K-1) are very engaged with the videos while playing color-coded boom whackers and hand bells. It is so nice to be able to monitor the class and help those that are struggling (or off-task) while the instruction continues with the wonderfully produced video lessons! I often pause the videos to clarify the learning targets and performance tasks. I’ve been teaching 20 years and this program has brought such a great scope and sequence to my pacing guides. I supplement each lesson with vocal warm-ups and usually a fun singing game at the end, but my lessons are now almost exclusively based on Prodigies Music (and yes, even the older kids love it – 3rd & 4th grade)…especially the Recorder and Ukulele lessons!

  18. Keicia

    Our family has been using prodigies for several years and we love it! We started with just singing and signing along with videos but quickly added bells. With my daughter growing and the new instruments that are being added the lifetime membership has been a great value for us; it is really growing with my daughter and we are able to start at the beginning with our younger child.

  19. Sherry

    We love Prodigies music! We are a homeschooling family, but I am not at all musical. I knew how important music is, but I did not feel confident teaching it, especially to young kids. We have been using Prodigies now for several years and my kids amaze me with their musical knowledge. My youngest especially sings and plays several instruments. She has been able to transfer her knowledge of what she learned on the bells to the piano and a glockenspiel. My oldest loves the recorder lessons. And now we are adding a friend’s son. He has had no musical teaching, but he was able to learn a lot in just a couple of months.

  20. Ruben P

    My eight-year old daughter has been using Prodigies since age four. It was the foundation of her musical learning: from helping her develop perfect pitch, rhythm, and learning solfege. Her chorus teacher was so impressed with her solfege knowledge when she began her choral classes at age six. The program is engaging, fun, but sufficiently challenging. Thank you Mr. Rob, Mrs. Sam and team.

  21. Kristine

    We are loving prodigies! We started with the free trial, and eventually purchased the lifetime membership. My oldest looks forward to his daily “Mr Rob time!” With two littles, I see us using this curriculum for years and years!

  22. Ezekiel

    My wife and I are in agreement that Prodigies membership is one of the best purchases we have ever made. Our 2 year old loves playing with the bells, and singing and clapping along with the songs. After only a few months he was able to identify notes by ear! Mr. Rob and the team work hard and put out great content regularly. We’ve recommended Prodigies to everybody who will listen!

  23. Dexter A. Hinson

    Glad to be using Prodigies! I am a general music teacher at a public charter school, and the students looking forward to lessons has been one great experience; however, when parents start asking questions – especially for those that are fully virtual – it makes planning lessons, suggesting downloading the Prodigies Bells App, and more very exciting! This is an added bonus in uncertainty as our times are now. Thanks for this advent! Looking forward to more creative lessons for Primary students in the future!

  24. Dexter A. Hinson

    WoW! Glad to be using Prodigies! I am a general music teacher at a public charter school, and the students looking forward to lessons has been one great experience; however, when parents start asking questions – especially for those that are fully virtual – it makes planning lessons, suggesting downloading the Prodigies Bells App, and more very exciting! This is an added bonus in uncertainty as our times are now. Thanks for this advent! Looking forward to more creative lessons for Primary students in the future!

  25. Ana

    I had been looking for a program or curriculum to teach music to my students, and Prodigies exceeded my expectations! There’s a lot of great content for young and older primary school students, such as the ukulele and recorder lessons that I can’t wait to start in my class. I eventually purchased the lifetime membership because I know I want to use this with my future children and I’ll have access to past, present, and new material added!

  26. Julie (verified owner)

    All three of my children love Prodigies! They are 2.5, 4, and 7 years old and ask to watch the videos daily. My son loves the piano prodigies also. My favorite part is that videos are ordered by “week,” so I know exactly what to watch next!

  27. Hemina

    Both of my toddlers 2 and 4 yo love watching these videos. Both of my kids learned singing. My 4 yo loves working on these books. She learned the signs as well. They’re well organized by week’s. Highly recommended for newborn the new totigies program.

  28. Rachel T

    We started with a free trial of Prodigies after a friend recommended it to us, and we LOVE it! Our kids were 2 and 5 when they started. Last week on a family zoom chat, my cousin told us her teen was going to take a solfege class as a highschool elective and my 3yo, overhearing the conversation sang, “do re mi fa sol la to do!” to the amazement of everyone on the call. In addition to singing and clapping along, our kids also love playing desk bells, boomwhackers, and piano. Prodigies has brought so much joy to our house in 2020! Thanks, Prodigies team.

  29. Sian Winstanley

    I bought into Prodigies primarily for my young children who love it. They play along on piano, guitar (the chords) and hand-sign. I also find it fantastic for my private pupils in singing, violin and piano. We do PSP melodies to warm up and play bells at the end of the lesson as a treat. It gets them sightreading very early and they don’t even know they’re doing it! Totally brilliant and worth every penny.

  30. Mona

    We’ve been using prodigies since our kiddo was 1. We started with the free materials and enjoyed tapping along with Sweet Beets. We ordered bells and got on the monthly membership, but soon upgrade to Lifetime. The program is so wholesome as well as effective. When the kiddo was 3 or 4 I realized they know the notes by ear (there are several guess the note videos we had fun with). They even will tell me the note of random sounds. Our kiddo is now six and in the past year or two has also done some additional classes, and the music teacher was impressed with their ability. We also enjoy the large quantity of workbook activities, which we worked through in the summer. Now that in-person classes are not an option, we look forward to starting the piano and recorder prodigies as well as the new material constantly being added! It’s been well worth the investment many times over.

  31. Fisher Family

    My children love learning music with mr. Rob and ms. Sam. We now have music class in our regular homeschool rotation. The children’s pitch and rhythm improved greatly! Thank you!

  32. megan.lim

    Honestly, one of my biggest regret is not signing up for Prodigies Music much earlier! Fun, music theory, pitch training and much more all blend in harmoniously in their videos, audios and workbooks. How I wish I could turn back time to use prodigies music with my former students. Support team is amazing too. Highly recommend any parent/grandparent/teacher/therapist to sign up for prodigies music and have loads of fun learning together with your little ones!

  33. Erin

    Highly recommended! The videos are fun and engaging, and the bells are easy to make a good sound with. Our kids love playing the “What Note Is It?” game, and while they’re playing it they are honing their pitch recognition. This program was definitely worth the investment!

  34. Adella

    This is, by far, the best Music Program on the market. I use it for my autistic grandson. He has learned so much it is truly amazing. It has helped him express himself more and easier. He is now gifted in both music and math.. at six years old. I would encourage everyone to become members of Prodigies Music. I will be eternally grateful for Mr. Rob and Mrs. Sam’s love and gift for music and s that they are willing to share their life’s work and passion with all of us.

  35. Bianca Karber

    We love prodigies. The monthly subscription is great because you can always cancel whenever you want (but why would you?!). My daughter has been using prodigies bells, boomwhackers and all the books since she was 2 and she is playing entire songs now! We also just started ukulele and think it’s amazing. Our kids love music so much and we have prodigies to thank. Please keep making more content and new books!!!

  36. Ronny Rosabal

    I had been looking for a good music program for my 4 year old for a while but couldn’t find one that he would want to do. Then back in June I came across one of the prodigies videos on YouTube and I signed up for the free trial. My 4 year old loved it. He had all the notes down within a week and the hand signs in two weeks. Even my 2 year old learned the notes quickly. They both loved it and ask for lessons all the time. My two year old started singing all the songs and would even sing in his crib in the morning his favorite, “I’m a nut, clap clap”. I was so convinced of how good the program is that in July I signed up for their lifetime membership even before the free trial was over. I didn’t want to miss their 4th of July sale. I highly recommend this program.

  37. Tara

    We love Prodigies Music! It has given my kids such a great musical foundation and given them such an ear for music. They love to play every day!

  38. Emily

    I love the versatility and adaptability of the Prodigies Music programme. I’m currently using it for 3 different children of differing ages and abilities and I find it very easy with Prodigies to tailor their music lessons to their stage of musical development. The videos are all high quality, very engaging and musically sound. It’s also great to have the songbooks and workbooks as an option. We will be using the programme for many more years to come.

  39. Amber

    I first saw Prodigies on Youtube and my kids loved the free video lessons, so I ended up signing up for the free trial and then the monthly membership. I am now a Lifetime Member and I am so happy that I found this program! I have 5 kids, 3 of whom are homeschooling and 1 who is homeschooling preschool. All of my children love Prodigies and are so excited for their video lessons with Mr. Rob. It is an amazing music program in every way!

  40. Cristina Fernandez del Valle

    I’m in love with this app, we have been using it for a couple if months with my 2 & 4 year old. We are doing the curriculum and some days is very easy to engage them and do the lessons others days need a little bit encouragement, as is normal with little ones, but i’m impressed they have keep up with the learning. My little one for months he will be singing all day do re mi fa sol… now that he sees other learning apps, he still likes his music time. I myself love it so much even for myself because i forgot all i learned about music and this is such a cool way to re learn with your little ones hehe. And well they know all their musical letters and hand movements now and hopefully we get our bells soon!! I really recommend this app!! I brag about it all the time with my friends with kids! Is a must have, but a must commitment to keep up in a fun way.

  41. Karyn

    We signed up for Prodigies when my child was two and she has never outgrown it. She is now seven. A lifetime membership means we can work at our own pace, whether fast or slow. I have studied teaching music to children in college and the quality of information in the Prodigies program is excellent and accurate. Most of all, it’s fun. The creators work really hard to provide a quality product and it shows. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my child’s future.

  42. Delia Carreon

    This is a great way to give the program a try with no risk. It only took a day before I decided to jump in and become a paid member. My kids loved it and so did I! The content is great and they’ve learned so much!

  43. Lauren

    My two sons have been using Prodigies for several years in our homeschool. They fell in love with the colorful and approachable bells right away, and the engaging video instruction made it easy for them to become familiar with notes, letter names, solfeg, and even chords. I’m so happy with the musical foundation Prodigies has given my kids. They are 11 and 9 now and have begun to learn piano, recorder, and ukulele. This program is fantastic!

  44. Marcy Sharman

    Thank you, Mr. Rob and team, for all that you are doing to bring a high degree of music education to our youngest students! I began using Prodigies about 2&1/2 years ago in my elementary classroom. As a 33 y veteran teacher, I was totally amazed at the engaging lessons and how my students responded so positively to the videos. Now, every student in my school, from 3 yo to 5th grade, has the bell app on their school iPad which they bring to every music class. In this unprecedented period of teaching music without singing or playing instruments, and without preparing for concerts (about 95% of my regular teaching) what a Godsend Prodigies has become for us! So much so that I became a lifetime member during the lockdown this summer, realizing that I would still be able to deliver quality music education to my students! Thank you all so very much!!!

  45. carrie.hudson

    Prodigies is constantly developing fantastic musical resources. The program is already completely worth what I paid so it is always an delightful surprise to receive news (which happens on an almost weekly basis!) that a new song or songbook has been added to the collection! The most recent addition is a book filled with classical songs that simplifies while keeping true to compositions anywhere from Bach and Beethoven to Broadway musicals. I’m excited to try out the new songs and duets!

  46. Katie W.

    I am blown away with how far my 5 and 3 year olds have come by using prodigies for the last year. Music is such a joy in our home now! They have perfect pitch and can play many of the songs on multiple instruments. They can even pick out the notes on their favorite non-prodigies song and play them! I love the solid music foundation that this has given them.

  47. C Persaud

    My children have learned so much from this program! After they complete a lesson they love to teach me and practice what they learned. The colors and repetition is so engaging to them!! I’m so happy I found this during COVID. It helped my kids enjoy music and learn the notes!

  48. Kassandra Galloway

    My family started using Prodigies with our young daughters several months ago, and we LOVE it! It’s so simple to go through and the videos are super engaging to my littles. I’m so glad we decided to go with the lifetime membership!

  49. tonya.nascimento

    We started Prodigies one year ago, and have absolutely loved it. I played piano for 12 years, but did not have the understanding of music that I now have since going through this program with my children. Both my children sing in key, can name notes they hear, and have an understanding of chords. The format is fun and engaging, and the color coding and logical progression of lessons makes understanding easy. There is so much to this program that it truly grows with the kids. We are almost done with level 1 and we can go back and do the program with piano. There is a basic piano intro series that they are expanding, and then there is recorder and ukulele. These are all instruments we will be playing together, and it is wonderful knowing this one curriculum can carry us through all these instruments. We are having fun and learning fundamentals of music! The kids ask for “Mr. Rob!”

  50. Justine Jackson

    As a homeschool mom in a small town, of 2 school age children, a toddler and baby, we love prodigies! We would be stretched so thin trying to keep our kids in music lessons that we would have to travel for, plus we are always on the go anyway and this allows us to continue that lifestyle. It is so exciting that they are always expanding and improving the courses and variety of instruments! We are able to work on different things tailored to each child and that is so great! I don’t have any background in music, although I always wished I did, now I get to enjoy it along with my children! It is so neat to watch them interact and all have an understanding of the music and apply things like the associated colors or hand signs to different things in their life. My children are 7, 4, 2 and 5 months at the moment and we have had prodigies for almost 2 years now!

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