Bourrée in E Minor (Theme 2 – Transposed to A Minor)


Theme 2 of Bourée in E Minor uses all twelve notes of the chromatic octave and then some! This poses the question, if Bach uses all the notes in an octave, would you call it a Bach-tave?

Some might scoff at the idea of rearranging a masterpiece, saying, “If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it!” Well, couldn’t resist the opportunity to add our Prodigies touch, so we transposed it from the original key and added percussion. This poses another question, if you play a snare pattern on the 2 & 4, would you call it a Bach-beat? We would!

Enjoy this version of Bourée in E Minor – Theme 2 in the key of A Minor with notes names, Solfège and ORFF. Players will notice the phrase D.C. al Fine at the end of the score, this indicates a jump back to “da capo” or the beginning and play through until you reach the word “Fine.” Composers may use this as alternative to 1st and 2nd endings.

Bourée in E Minor – Theme 1 sheet music is also available so be sure to check out and download that arrangement as well!


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