What is Primary Prodigies?

Lessons, Songs & Listening Games for Elementary School Students

Primary Prodigies is a series of music lessons designed for the Elementary School Student.

It focuses on reading standard notation in the treble clef, on introducing more musical vocabulary and more advanced concepts, and on developing a deeper control and understanding of rhythm.

Chapter 1 reviews a lot of concepts from earlier series, though we generally reccomend playing through Preschool Prodigies (no matter your age) before moving onto Primary.


Chapter 1 | Hello Bells | Ages 6-8+

Review of Preschool Prodigies concepts, simple songs & introduction to the treble clef. Features more musical vocabulary, properly notated rhythms and more detail oriented lesson videos.

If you or your student are brand new to music lessons, make sure to also visit some videos from PsP Melodies, Performance Prodigies & even the final Chapter of Preschool Prodigies.

You can of course start here, especially with older students or with students who have with a background in music, but a bit of prep-work with the above chapters will certainly give you a better understanding of key concepts at a slower pace.

Chapter 2 | Treble Clef + Intervals | Ages 7-12+

Treble clef work with Face in the Space, EGBDF acronyms & treble clef. Introduction & exploration of intervals (the space between notes). More difficult songs & introduction of accidentals with Bb.

Airing now, Primary Prodigies is a more detailed look at music theory. We start off in Section 1 by by looking at how we can read music notes without color (by using the treble clef).

While previous series and chapters have featured and discussed the treble clef, Primary Chapter 2 moves us toward reading music in the treble clef without color coded notes.

Simultaneously, it looks at intervals (the space between musical notes). This helps in reading the treble clef, but more specifically, it helps provide a lot of the context necesarry to discuss the aural qualities of chords, harmony and melody.

What's Next?

While we work on the rest of Primary Prodigies, checkout some of the lessons inside Holiday, Recorder & Performance Prodigies. .

Chapter 2 has another 5 sections being produced right now that will continue to look at intervals and famous melodies on the treble clef.

Chapter 3 will take what we’ve learned about intervals in melody and begin to apply it to chords and chord progressions by doing a fair mount of chord playing with catchy and simple original songs from Prodigies.

Chapter 4 will be a look at more difficult melodies and songs that focuses on developing a formal repetoire classical and more more difficult songs on the bells.

Chapter 5 will look at the building blocks of scales and modes, with a heavy emphasis on the sharps and flats that haven’t been naturally introduced/explored throughout the rest of the curriculum.

Chapter 6 – 8 will culminate in a repetorie building sprint through different genres, styles & influences.