PsP Melodies

What is PsP Melodies?

Short & Sweet Singing Exercises w/ the Solfege Hand-Signs

No Instrument Required

PsP Melodies is a series of short and sweet singing exercises that focus solely on the Solfege (Curwen Hand Signs).

These are great as a warmup, as a quick transition inbetween bigger activities or a great set of lessons to use if you don’t have an instrument handy.

Melodies 1-8 feature big and icon based music that pairs well with Preschool Prodigies.

Melodies 9-20 features standard notation in the treble clef and some faster and more difficult exercises.

Melodies 21-30 feature 5 & 6 note exercises in new keys, like G Major, Bb Major, etc. In these we use FIXED Do, to explore the hand-signs for Fi, Te, Di etc.

Melodies 21-30 also feature Orff percussion to allow your ensemble a chance to play together!