New Pro Plus Membership Option

by | Oct 13, 2018

Introducing the Pro Plus Membership

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve introduced a new premium membership option called Prodigies Pro Plus.

It’s essentially the same exact thing as a Prodigies Pro Membership except that…

  • It’s a 3 Year Plan that costs just a bit more than 2 years of Prodigies Pro
  • It unlocks all curriculum video downloads inside the Download Hall
  • The plan doesn’t auto-renew

All of these features were a key part of why Prodigies Lifetime was our best selling plan. The longer membership allows teachers and purchasing departments to set themselves up for awhile without having to be billed monthly or yearly. Plus, unlocking MP4 downloads is, for many people, critical to running an internet-less concert, class or lesson.

Streaming Prodigies from your TV at home is a no-brainer for most families, but for teachers on the go or teachers running concerts, having a physical MP4 download that never needs to buffer (and can’t be impeded by a network firewall issue) is a big advantage.

A Better Solution than Prodigies Lifetime

This summer, with the introduction of the Prodigies App, we had to do away with our Lifetime Membership. Long story short, our team pays a monthly fee for every user in the app, which is difficult (impossible) for us to marry with our one-payment for Lifetime access plan.

By adding the key features above to a 3 year membership, we can marry some of the advantages of Prodigies Lifetime (MP4 downloads, longer purchasing cycle, higher upfront cost for long-term savings) with our new app in a way that’s clear and concise while still offering our power-users an option that works for them.

Pro Plus Membership Features & Description

Learn more about our Pro Plus Membership or scroll down for more information about all of our Pro options.

Choose 1 of 4 Pro Options

Choose 1 of 2 Pro Memberships or 1 of 2 Pro Bundles

Digital Curriculum Access

Choose from our yearly membership (Pro) or upgrade to a 3-Year Plan (Pro Plus) to unlock MP4 video downloads.

Or Choose from 1 or 2 Pro Bundles

Bundle your Pro Membership with Books and Bells for savings. Free U.S. Shipping. Books ship separate from instruments

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