NAfME Friends,

Welcome to Prodigies, a colorful music curriculum for kids 3-12.

Our digital grab bag got 3 special offers for NAfME Conference attendees to check out below, which we know will help spice up your music classes.

1. Prodigies Lesson Demo

If you don’t want to deal with unzipping files, you can check out 5 free videos and our Week 1 Lesson Plan at

These five videos make up our Year 1, Week 1 Lesson, and you can find 3 more difficult modules below the first.

2. Top 10 Secrets Webinar & 50% Off Offer

We put together a jam-packed training session this summer with our Top 10 Secrets to Teaching Kids Music.

Check it out in the video above to discover our best strategies all in one place.

As a special bonus, we’ve included a link to our 50% Off Webinar Offer below!

50% Off Prodigies Lifetime

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3. Free Webinar Downloads from Prodigies

If you’d like to try some free videos & materials from Prodigies, below is one of our most popular download packs.

They’re in a .zip file, so you’ll need to unzip them with WinZip or Archiver.

Webinar Downloads

Bonus: Free Sheet Music Downloads from Prodigies

Want some free colorful sheet music?

Check out our FREE Sheet Music Sundays series below!