Holiday Gift Guide 2018

by | Dec 2, 2018

Prodigies Resonator Xylophone - $37

NEW in the Prodigies Shop for the Holiday Season, this resonator xylophone is well tuned, light weight, affordable and it comes in a handy plastic traveling case.

This makes a great gift for any kid who has been playing the C Major Deskbells for some time now and is ready for something a bit more challenging. If you’re using Prodigies with 2+ kids at home, having the xylophone and the deskbells means you can mix up your practice and swap instruments between kids to keep things fun and fresh.

Plus, you can enjoy free shipping and returns from the Prodigies shop all holiday season!

Music Go Rounds - $12.95 for Wipe Off Chart and $18 for Mini Alpha Squares at

We discovered these really cool magnetic manipulative from Music in Motion at this years NAfME conference! They’re of course color coded to match Chromanotes (TM), which means they’ll work with all of our materials, and they allow you to quickly compose melodies, chords, play song identifying games and much more!

Learn all about them in a blog post from Prodigies mom and son duo Mandy and Boo and drop by Music in Motion to grab a set this Holiday Season!

Marble Run Building Blocks - $39.68

We haven’t experimented with this toy yet ourselves, but we recently ordered it for our daughter and we’re super excited about trying it out Christmas morning. As a kid, marbles and legos were among the most played with toys in our families, but they were never combined quite like this.


Prodigies Starter Kit - $79.98

Start your child’s musical journey with the Prodigies Starter Kit. It pairs our famous deskbells with a monthly membership to our video curriculum and comes with 2 free books!

It’s the Prodigies Kit we recommend to anyone and everyone all year round, and you’ll save 25% on your monthly membership when you join this December!


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle - $75

During those cold winter months, it can be hard to get out and expend your young one’s energy!

Cue this super fun spin on indoor cycling for kids, which brings a spin class like game to a child friendly indoor bike!

Use your tablet to play along, or go screen free while you and your little one go bike to bike to stay fit this holiday season!

Marble Run Building Blocks - $26.02

This is a great interactive STEM based toy that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking skills! It is a 116 piece set that includes gears, ladybugs, flowers, bees, and more! Because this set is full of  gears that interlock, your child can create countless pieces that actually move!


Prodigies DVDs - $49.99

After years of people asking us for Prodigies DVDs, they’ve finally landed in the Prodigies Shop!

This makes the gifting of Prodigies a bit more tangible and more long-term in that you can use the DVD for years and years to come!

Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit - $99.99

For the little Tony Starks on your list, this fancy piece of Marvel inspired tech combines coding, superheroes and real world components to let any Avenger’s fans assemble their way to glory this holiday season! 

C Major Deskbells - $62.10

We’ve written about these deskbells 100 times over at this point, so forgive the redundancy, but in case you’re new to Prodigies, these deskbells are colorful, durable, super easy to play and they’re backed by our 2 year, 3 bell replacement policy. 

We’re full stocked this Holiday season and guaranteeing deliver within the USA for all orders BEFORE DECEMBER 18th. Maybe December 19th, but at that point you’d be cutting it pretty close and the last thing we want to do is fail to deliver for Christmas!

Osmo Genius Kit - $74.99

Designed by parents who worked at Goggle, Osmo has been one of the coolest app + real world toys for years now! The genius kit combines some of their best components for kids ages 5-12 and works for both iOS and Android tablets. 

Cloud Digital Photo Frame - $199.99

This isn’t really a gift for kids per se, but it’s one of the best gifts a kid can give to their grandparents this Holiday Season. 

Digital pictures frames are nothing new at this point, but what’s so great about this one is that you can upload the photos over the internet, making it super easy for you and your kids to share pictures with the grandparents without them ever having to mess with SD cards, thumb drives, or any uploading themselves.

Holiday Songbook - $9.49 (Half Off this Month)

Gather round the piano, bells or a guitar with the family this Holiday Season to sing, sign and play along with 20 Holiday classics!

Half off from it’s original price this month, drop by the Prodigies Shop to order your copy of the Holiday Prodigies Songbook!


Crayola Ultimate Light Board - $59.95-$69.95

This is the perfect gift for your little artist! The Crayola Ultimate Light Board allows your child to create amazing masterpieces with the use of Gel FX Markers. Simply draw a picture and watch your creation light up on the board! It can also be used for tracing.


Rocket Ship Kids Tent - $29.99

It’s time to go to outer space! Your child will enjoy countless hours of pretend play in this super cool rocket tent! It even comes with a bonus projector flashlight that shines various outerspace photos on the wall!



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