Free Training & eBook from Music Money Formula

Free Training & eBook from Music Money Formula

Great Discovery at NAfME 2018

We just got back from the NAfME (National Association for Music Educators) convention in Dallas, and we met a couple of guys who we found especially interesting.

If you’re a private music teacher or a studio owner, then we know you’ll be excited to check out their free training for making the most of your music teaching business.

Music Money Formula

We saw Tim and David presenting their program, called Music Money Formula.

Their company helps music educators target clients that are looking for a high-end, professional private music experience, help them deliver a top-quality teaching experience, how to develop a professional rate, and how to transition current clients to their new rate.

Their system covers everything, from how to get new clients quickly, how to keep clients long-term, how to raise your rates, and how to provide a high-level, professional, and entertaining teaching experience for your clients.

You can order their new book on Amazon here, or if you’d like to score a free e-Book copy of it, keep reading below!

Free eBook & Training

At NAfME, they were giving away free copies of their e-book, “How To Earn A Professional Income As A Private Music Educator.”

Knowing it would be a hit with all of you Prodigies teachers out there, we asked if they would be willing to make the book available to our customers, and they happily agreed.

If you’d like your FREE copy of their book, click HERE.

To get the eBook, simply sign up for their free training that’s happening this Thursday, December 20th.

They also offer a free, live, online class several times a month. It’s the same one they taught at the NAfME conference and Musician’s Institute, as well as several other places.

The next one is December 20th (this Thursday) at You’ll find webinar times and dates on this page as well. You’ll also see a ton of testimonials on that page that are available for you to check out.

Hopefully you find their free training and resources helpful and I look forward to bringing you more music ed. materials in 2019!

Happy Holidays!

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