“Baby Shark” Music Lesson – Free Video + Sheet Music

Song Starts at 1:21

This week on the Prodigies Blog, we’re looking at the hit song Baby Shark!

Fair warning – this song is a serious ear-worm and I know many of you music teachers out there are already super sick of it. You’ve been warned!

Or maybe you’re like our family, and you love at as much as we doo doo doo doo doo doo…

Baby Shark – Free Sheet Music

Use the link above to download the Baby Shark Sheet Music. You will be redirected to our checkout w/ Baby Shark in your cart – no payment information required!

We’re also featuring the sheet music for free inside of our shop this week.

You can download the free sheet music above or checkout the free video!

This song first came to my attention when my kinder class kept asking me to learn it 5 or so years ago.

Over the last year or so, the song has gone bonkers-viral with the Pink Fong version scoring over 3 billion hits online!

The song is based on a traditional (possibly Dutch) Melody and some of you may remember it from summer camp back in the day!

In addition to the free video above, Prodigies Members can enjoy additional Baby Shark Music Lessons!

A bit more about Baby Shark

In the opening bars of the song, you might notice the theme music from the 1975 film Jaws.

The company responsible the #BabySharkDance crazy, Pink Fong, points out that this little theme isn’t actually from John Williams’ score but rather from the fourth movement of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9.

It’s a super catchy melody (5 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 1) that’s easy to sing, and the chord progression is a nice and friendly I-IV-I-V that loops over and over.

Plus, the melody often ends on the scale degree 7, which leaves that little loop ringing over and over in your head.

Plus, the universal, friendly nature of the lyrics means it’s good for kids and adults across cultures and language.

Stay tuned as we’re working on more videos and info for this post coming soon!!

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