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Prodigies Music Lessons

For iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku & fireTV

Our primary app, Prodigies Music Lessons, contains all of our video music lessons. Try 12 videos free, and unlock the full library by enrolling at ProdigiesMusic.com/signup

Available on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku & fireTV

Frequently Asked Questions

Password Not Working?

The password you set on ProdigiesMusic.com is unfortunately not connected to the Prodigies Music Lessons app.

Though each app platform handles passwords slightly different, simply look for the “Reset Password” or “Magic Sign In Link” to change your app password.

Having troubles? Email Support@PreschoolProdigies.com or call (302) 307-1997

App vs Website

For the best pricing on curriculum access, make sure to visit ProdigiesMusic.com/shop

Our app and website share the same video library so you can always find your favorite Prodigies Music Lessons on your favorite device.

The app does not contain any of our Pro Membership resources however (PDFs, checklists, etc).

Video Walkthrough for Logging into the App

Instrument App

Prodigies Bells

Our newest instrument app, Prodigies Bells, contains a C Major setup and a Chromatic setup. It’s free and easy way to take your bells on the go!

Available on iOS & Google Play

Instrument App

PsP Bells App

Our original PsP Bells app is ideal for our youngest learners. It’s bright and colorful and allows for some bell isolation with a handful of minimal layouts.

Available on iOS

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