8 Thanksgiving Activities for Your Music Classroom

by | Nov 4, 2018

Download the Printables here!

Gobble, gobble, gobble! It’s time to shake your tail feathers in your music classroom this Thanksgiving! From the solfege turkey to the perky disco turkey, your students will have a blast! Stay tuned for even more Thanksgiving activities next week plus a list of Christmas songs you can start using as you prepare for recitals! If you missed our Five Little Pumpkins Unit Study or the 12 Fall Activities, you can use some of these pumpkin activities along with your Thanksgiving lesson as well!

1. Solfege Turkey

This little turkey is rockin’ his solfege colored feathers and ready for some Prodigies fun! We have provided several variations of the turkey because there is more than one way it can be used! Here’s some examples:

  1. Teach/review solfege colors and names
  2. Teach/review note names
  3. Teach/review hand signs

You can also use this as a hands-on activity! First, print the turkey that does not have any feathers on it. Then, print and distribute the pages that are full of individual feathers. We have included several different options (feathers with note names, feathers with solfege names, and feathers with hand signs). Once you have distributed all the feathers, ask students to look for a particular feather. For example, tell your students you are looking for the feather with “do” on it or that you’re looking for the feather with the “mi” hand sign on it. Whichever student has that particular feather gets to come up and “pin the feather on the turkey”! This activity will help them review the solfege colors, names, note names, hand signs, and note numbers!

2. Musical Symbol Turkey

This is similar to the above activity, but is geared a bit more for the older student. Print a copy of the turkey and then write a musical symbol on each feather. Find examples of musical symbols here. You could even print more than one turkey depending on how many symbols you want to review. Next, call out a definition of a symbol and choose a student to find the symbol that matches that definition on the turkey. Continue the game until all symbols have been matched!

3. Thanksgiving Color-by-Note

Your class will love these cute and creative color- by- note Thanksgiving sheets! Through Teachers Pay Teachers, you receive a set of 8 color-by-note sheets for a small fee. This is the perfect activity for reinforcing all of those musical symbols!

4. Native American Music

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce some Native American songs such as Wee Hee Nah and Epanay! Check out Organized Chaos for how she integrated both of these songs into her classroom! She also shows us a really awesome pow wow you can show to your class!

5. DIY Native American Drum

Your kiddos will love constructing this awesome DIY Native American drum from A Beautiful Mess! It’s the perfect DIY instrument for the Thanksgiving season!

via A Beautiful Mess

6. Gobble, Gobble Song

Organized Chaos gives us a great activity for practicing steady beat and sol-mi singing with the Gobble, Gobble song! Students can march around the room pretending to be turkeys while keeping a steady beat to the song. You can also discuss the lower and higher notes of the song, mi and sol. The song is in the key of D and uses scale positions 3 and 5 (mi and sol). Find the song here!

 7. Five Little Turkeys

Organized Chaos also uses the Five Little Turkeys song to get her students out of their seats and participating. She has the whole class sing it together first and then assigns individual lines to students to sing on their own! It’s a super fun and silly song!

8. Turkey Freeze Dance and Creative Movement

Teachers Pay Teachers offers an awesome packet of Creative Movement Posters that allows your students to “shake their tail feathers” and put on their dancing moccasins! Just turn on some music, display a poster, and allow them to create a move that best describes that poster. You can grab this packet for $4.50  and display them for the whole month of November! Also, your students will love dancing to the “perky disco turkey“!

via The Bulletin Board Lady

Hope you enjoyed these Thanksgiving activities! Happy Thanksgiving and happy musicing!!

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